Friday, July 31, 2015

[Food] Cottage & Bricks

Here's another nice restaurant around Apgujeong area. Not only me, but this restaurant has been a favorite of the surgeons in our hospital as well. A tiny brunch cafe which feels homey. =)

What's interesting about this place is that the owner is a twin brother which look exactly the same. It's just that the one looks more cheerier and talkative than the other. It shocks me and my friends the first time we went there, when the boss take our order and go outside of the restaurant to make delivery and there is someone who look exactly just like him walking out of the kitchen to bring our food the next second.
Another thing is that they bake their own bread which taste super duper delicious~!
While waiting for your food to come out, the bosses will serve us with complimentary like this pink-colored water and the bread that I talked about above. And the pink colored water will turn into just a normal water after few minutes, I'm deadly curious about it but I still couldn't find out what it is actually.

And, good luck for you foreigners that surprisingly the menu here is all written in English. Everything on the menu is in ENGLISH~! I mean how happy would you to see this, since there's not much Korean restaurant who provides English menu. Some of them provide Chinese or Japanese menu, but not English~
I personally would recommend you to try out the sandwich. Everything about the sandwich is delicious here, maybe because they make a good bread? And you can also try out the apple pizza, it taste sweet and could be a great choice for your dessert (?).

Okay, I'm really interested in this place but how can I get here?
(1) Come out at Exit 4 Apgujeong Station.
(2) Go straight until you see JK Plastic Surgery (a gold building) on your right hand side then turn right.
(3) Keep walking straight until you see Cottage and Bricks by your left hand side.

Or, if you would like to find this place by using a taxi, you can also give the taxi driver this address "Seoul-si, Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong 566-22". Good luck~! =)


Semi-permanent make up has become a trend in South Korea lately, since it helps to solve main problems for almost every working girls out there, which is waking up early to do your make up. With a semi permanent make up, you won't have to draw an eye line, eyebrow and you don't even have to put on your lipstick as semi permanent make up have it ready for you~!

Does it safe? Yes it is~! You can put your heart and mind at ease since this equipment has gotten an approval from Korean Government and Ministry of Health to be use and practice all around the world~ =)
And are there anything I should pay attention on after the procedure? Yes, and they are:
(1) You can wash your face after the procedure, but it is recommended to only use water to wash the face.
(2) For the first 2 days after the procedure, the procedure area might be swelling.
(3) The dry scalp will fall off after 3~5 days, but until the dry scalp fall off completely, please remember to put the ointment that is provided. And please don't try to scratch the scalp off by yourself.
(4) Don't smoke, don't drink alcohols, don't go to sauna, and don't make yourself over-sweat during the first week after procedure.
(5) For some people, the color might fell off and the color might seem like to fade away. This is very normal for some people, therefore there's a retouch session if you need it.
(6) The retouch session only can be done after 3~4 weeks after the procedure.

You can also see some of the before after pictures below :
That's the eye line for you and here comes the eyebrow before after pictures :
And the semi permanent lipstick is coming :
How? Do you feel interested in having this? We are having the semi permanent make up for 2 days in INDONESIA on September 2015~!!
The procedures will be done by an experienced aesthetic doctor, Ms. Choi who has been participating in a lots of exhibition and modeling show as a make up artist~

And who have been handling a lot of big and famous celebrities like LEE DONG GUN , SNSD , not to mention infamous celebrities from Mainland China as well.
Even Lee Dong Gun looks more handsome and great after having the procedure, you can see the before and after here :
And you can rest assured since this aesthetic doctor has held a acknowledgement certificate locally and internationally.

It only cost IDR 6,500,000 getting your eyebrow done by this wonderful aesthetic doctor, so book your appointment now through BBM 74E7FEBF~! Or directly call +62852-1070-1888~!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

[Food] Sae Maeul Sikdang

새마을 식당 literally means New Village Restaurant. The big boss of this restaurant is Baek Jong Won, who came from a wealthy family himself but decline to following the foot step of his father and choose to become a chef and eventually a food tycoon himself. If you come to Seoul, either for traveling or having surgery, pay more attention and you might see a lot of this Ahjussi photos or pictures.
Not forgot to mention that recently Korean have been fancying chefs. They got a lot of cooking variety show with numerous popular chefs here and there. And these chefs is getting more and more attention, even some of them can get themselves an endorsement. And here is one my favorite... lolz...
Okay, back to the topic. There's two of this restaurant in Apgujeong Station. One is near exit no. 2 while the other one is near exit no. 4. Why should we pay attention to this? Because the one near exit no. 2 taste super duper horrible, even if I'm a big fan of this ahjussi's restaurant, but whoever own the restaurant in exit 2 definitely didn't live it up to the expectation. It tastes bad and not fresh.
On the other hand the one near exit no. 4 taste very good and yummy and could make me eat bowls of rice whenever I'm there with my friends. =)
This is where the one (B) that taste horrible located at:

And here's how you can get to the one (C) that taste delicious :
(1) Get out at Apgujeong station exit no. 3 then walk straight
(2) Walk straight until you see a Life Plastic Surgery on your right hand side then turn right
(3) Walk straight until you see a Seven Eleven Stores on your right hand side
(4) The restaurant located just across Seven Eleven

This is how the restaurant look like, so make sure you get into the right one. ^^
Okay, I've reached here but the menu are all in Korean, what should I order? I've tried some of the menu inside here and here's what I recommended. At least it tastes good for me. (='o'=)

(1) 열탄 불고기 (Hot BBQ (?))
This taste slightly a little bit spicy, but you'll only be able to order this menu if you came in groups. Since the minimum order for this menu is 2 servings.
(2) 7분돼지김치 OR 된장찌개 (7Minutes Pork Kimchi OR Soybean Paste Stew)
7Minutes Pork Kimchi is a pork with kimchi stew while soybean paste stew is a korean style miso soup. If you're a fan of spicy foods, you can try out the kimchi stew, otherwise it'll be better for you to choose the other one. For both menu you can try it out even when you're alone since you can order it for 1 serving.

Doesn't make a really big difference from its visual, does it? It taste real different though. ^^

[Plastic Surgery] One Jaw Surgery + Zygoma Reduction

People always told me that I have a longggg face. Well, without they telling me the truth, I know that I have a very long face. I bet everyone of you out there will be super self conscious of yourself if you've the same length with my face. I've been a laughing stock as long as I can remember. It was bullying when I was kid, and they were making fun of me when I'm on junior high, and they thought they were funny when they joked with me about my face during my senior high and under graduate studies.
I look older than my real age. Have no self confidence in making girlfriend, not even a friend if they don't start to talk to me first. Low self esteem makes it worse. And the worst thing is that it really hard for me to find a job in Korea when I have this kind of face. Though I don't want to say bad things about my own country, I've gotta admit that this country is a kind of "looks" driven country. And I bet it's the same in every other part of world, you get things easier when you have good looks.
It's become a trend nowadays to have plastic surgery to make yourself look prettier or more handsome. But it's a matter of finding back my self confidence and a matter of try to look normal for me. So I decided to do the One Jaw Surgery and Zygoma Reduction few months back.
It's a lie if it didn't feel pain at all. It was painful, but it was bearable. The night nurse was very nice and make sure that you've the right dosage pain killer so that you will be able to survive the night. LOL. I wake up the next morning and find myself looking like this. It swelled as the doctor had told me during the consultation, but the swelling didn't go very bad for me. It was okay. Now, what I've got to do is just wait patiently for the swelling goes down, for the soft tissue to recover completely and adapt to my new facial bone structure.
It took more than 6 months for me to recover completely. I mean the swelling and everything. Though I can start to do my daily activities after 2 days of the surgery. I wore a mask everywhere I go and I started with soft foods before I can bite like normal again.
And this is how I look after I completely heal. I know it's not handsome, because I didn't do other parts except the facial bone structure, but I feel really satisfied, since the surgeon has been very successful in making me look normal but in a natural way. I gained my confidence, found myself a job and now I'm going to start making a lot of friends, what I've been wanted to do for my whole life. I've become a brighter and cheerful person thanks to Izien Plastic Surgery~! ^^

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

[Too Cool For School] BB Cream Foundation (Lunch Box)

One of the beauty tools that have really gotten into my heart recently is this BB Cream Foundation from Too Cool For School. The brand is not as famous as Etude or Face Shop outside Korea, and it's kind of a little bit pricy compare to other Korean street cosmetics here, but it really gives you out the best result, last long, and natural results compare to other brands. Well, at least that's how I feel about it. LOLZ~!

This set of BB Cream has 3 types of different color, which are No. 1 Silky Skin, No. 2 Watery Skin and No. 3 Healthy Skin. No. 1 and 2 has a kind of bright color, so those who have a white or bright colored skin can choose either one of it. While me, since I've a darker skin, my choice for myself is No. 3.

This BB Cream lunch box is being designed quite a little bit look like a lunch box if you use a little bit of imagination here and there. ^^ As the top of cover can be open like this and you will find a set of concealer and highlighter in it. Since both color is too bright for me, I never use their concealer and highlighter, but instead just using the BB Cream only. <3
And here's what's the BB Cream look like inside~~ :
I took a little bit of it and put it on my hand...
And you can see that after I put on the BB cream my hand looks silkier, healthier and show some radiant. But without giving you any trace of putting up a heavy make up. ^^ Natural, last long and incredible results~!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Wandering around naksongdae for the macaroon cafe, I came through this pasta place who always bombarded with customer during night but amazingly empty during lunch time. Maybe because ppl love to have pasta for dinner instead of lunch?

There is a shelf full of books where u can read it while having your meal. =)
And by ordering a pasta for 11,000 to 14,000 krw you can get a choice of free drinks from soft drinks, juices, coffee or tea. I chose ice green tea and it comes out with a free bread.

And finally…. tomato mozarella cheese pastaaaa!!! Which taste just so-so. lolz. It doesnt taste bad but it doesnt make you wanna come back to the store to have a second taste of it as well. T – T

I wonder if people bombarded this place not because of the taste of food but due to the homey feeling of the restaurant instead?

Guess what? This place has closed down since few months back~ =P