Wednesday, August 19, 2015

[Plastic Surgery] Angle + Zygoma Surgery

First of all I would like to thank you this patient who willingly sharing her story with all of us without being sponsored. Thanks to Dr. Kang who is super patient during her surgery day and recovery time, which makes her feel really satisfied with us and even opening up to us first and give us suggestion to post up her surgery journey. =)

She reached in the morning and went to our hospital as soon as she arrived Korea, having the consultation with us and then directly decided to do the surgery on the same day. Well, since she’s coming well prepared for the surgery, so she doesn’t seem to even hesitate about the surgery at all. We went to the nearest general doctor to have a general check up, and we also run a blood test and wait for like 3 hours before the check up result finally came out. Since the result of the general check up turns out super good, we began to prepare for the surgery.

The problem on this patient’s face is her high cheek bone and a square jaw angle. Therefore you can see our surgeon marked her cheek bone and her lower jaw, meaning she’s going to have a zygoma reduction and a long curve square jaw reduction for the surgery today. Our surgeon also mentioning about genioplasty / chin surgery to give her a perfect transformation, but since she decided not to do the chin surgery therefore the surgery today will only be zygoma and square jaw surgery. =)
After 2.5 hours inside of the surgery, she’s finally being pulled out and moved into the recovery room for the day. She has to put on the oxygen mask for at least 1~2 hours, or might be longer for some with slower recovery, after a general anesthesia to fill up the oxygen back in her lungs. If you’re someone with a super fit condition, or if you’re a healthy person who love to exercise, this part of recovery won’t be too hard to deal with. You won’t even feel nauseous, the only thing is you feel sleepy and you feel like you’re having a sore throat. This is because that we’re putting a respiratory tube through your throat during the whole procedure.

But if you’re someone who don’t love to exercise and is not healthy enough, this part of recovery might feel like hell. lolz. You will keep feeling nauseous, and some of you might even keep throwing up for hours. Therefore, what I learn by seeing patients going through recovery after general anesthesia is living a healthy life, and exercising regularly definitely is important as it can make such a big different. And since this patient, she has a super healthy lifestyle and of course love to do exercise, she feel really convenient and comfortable during this recovery. At around 7 pm the doctor will do a final check up before he move her up to the 4th Floor where she’ll be hospitalized for the night.
Before continuing with the story about the patient above, here’s the bone which is being took out from her cheek bone and jaw angle. Though it’s not being classified as an extra huge or serious case, but you can see that the jaw angle bone being taken out is slightly longer compare to most of the case.

And, the next day after her surgery, we give her a can of healthy drinks, some sort of cereal? After she finish it up, we moved her to the 3rd floor where she’ll be having her treatment of the day.
Can you see that her lips and both of her cheek is swollen? And she’s holding a blood pocket in her hands, which normally being put after square jaw surgery / chin surgery if you have quite a lot of bleeding, but it doesn’t always mean a bad thing to put those on you. It can help you to take out the clotted blood inside your surgery area as well. Therefore having it for 1 night doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. =D
Now the nurse is helping her taking off the tape while waiting for Dr. Kang to come and give her the treatment.
TADA~! And here’s Dr. Kang, explaining on the surgery and current situation of the patient. Whether she has a serious swelling or not, and what she’s going to expect next after during the recovery process. And after a simple explanation of the current situation, he will help you to take out the blood pocket. It feels slightly sting here, but all of the people can endure it even without any kind of anesthesia.
After taking out everything, the doctor will check out on your stitches condition inside your mouth, help you to clean it up and give you some precautions on what to do and what not to do for the first week of the surgery. As this is when you will have to be very careful in taking care of your wound inside, to prevent it from infection.

The patient will have to go back and check on the doctor on the 3rd day, normally it’s just to make sure that the stitches is healing properly without any infection. =) And then you’ll have to go back to our hospital again on the 7th day after the surgery, again just to check on the stitches condition. Last but not least, you’ll also get an RF treatment from us to help your swelling to goes down faster. Normally this type of swelling treatment will be more effective for facial contouring case and / or liposuction case.

Just lay down, close your eyes, and we will give you a massage here and there for 15~20 minutes. Some people would say that it feel a little bit… just a little bit of pain when you do it for the first time (it might be due to you still have some serious swelling and your stitches hasn’t close up really well yet), but when you came back for the second time and so on, you won’t feel a thing, instead it will make you feel super comfortable that most of the patient fell asleep during the session.

And now, the picture below is the picture of the patient on the 2.5 months after her surgery, you can see that the facial shape is getting better but of course with some minor swelling left, meaning her facial shape will become even more delicate and perfect after few months later. Normally you will have to wait for at least 3~6 months (some might even take up to 1 year) for you to see the final result of a facial contouring surgery.

We will update more on her progress on the 6th month after her surgery, so be sure to keep following us on this blog~ =)

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