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Random Rants on Glenn's Death in The Walking Dead Season 6~!! Glenn Mati di TWD Season 6?!?!

I've been diligently watched this series since it's pilot episode in season 1 up to now. Like many others out there, we have several favorite characters which I believe they would be Daryl, Carol, Glenn, or whoever the main character who've been consistently and repetitively showing up in every episode of the show. Two of my bias is definitely Daryl and Glenn.
Daryl, portrayed by Norman Reedus who started up in the episode, seeming good in fighting but not too dependable and not too friendly, slowly growing into a loving character who is dependable, responsible, trusted and super loyal to the group (especially Carol?). Anyway, most of the time, he is being portrayed holding his crossbow, ready to shoot the walkers down~! SHOOT!
And there's Glenn, who starts off as a pizza delivery guy, then grew more and more trustworthy and strong (?) and get married with Maggie and so on so on.... His character dies early in the comic story, therefore when the tv series writer makes him last until the newest season, I thought he would be safe from death. T-T

But things go on unexpectedly and Glenn topped the internet news for hours now... with his "death" in season 6. >.< NOOOOO!!!!
He's one of our (I bet not only me in this world) favorite character in TWD series, if the writers want to write him off the series, shouldn't they give him a more heroic and less gory death?!?! Being surrounded by zombies and get eaten off because stupid Nicholas "not deliberately" make him fell of the ground is just too.... stupid. >.<

I'm with those who still believe that Glenn is not dead, and might be able to escape safely from this zombie breakout. But, I don't think that would be the case.... T-T Sob! Sob! Sob! As it's super impossible to escape from that number of zombies..... (ToT)

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Playing with Wooden Puzzle... Rakit Merakit Puzzle Kayu~ ^^

I was super bored, don't know what to do after work. It's rainy day, I don't feel like staying outside. But if I go home this early, then I'll definitely get bored to death. >.< I decided to take a look, do some window shopping, at Daiso, which located nearby my apartment complex and spotted a very very cheap wooden puzzle which only costs KRW 1,000 each. WOW!!!

I love puzzle, I have too much time to spend today and it's cheap! So without thinking too much, I bought 2 of the wooden puzzle. One is the airplane series, while the other one is a horse riding series. =)

So the first one I tried is this~!!! As I though it will be easier to get done with... ^^
Once you tear open the plastic, you'll find two pieces of the wooden board and several pieces of this small paper. This paper is to be used to make the wood much more smoother =).

Seems easy to make right? There's not too much puzzle pieces and what you've to do is just pieces everything up together. That's what I thought too...! But... I spend like almost 40 minutes to make this~!
Look amazing right? Another more close up look....
And the thing which makes me kind of pissed off is that if you flip the paper, you can find a whole instruction on the back and I might won't have to spend so much time on this one. I spend almost 40 minutes making this up without seeing any instruction because I thought there's no instruction paper at all. And the sillier thing is that while making this thing, I keep cursing in my mind why it has to be so hard if the manufacturer don't give me any hint or instruction to build this up.

But, turns out, I'm the one stupid enough not to flip and look at the back of the paper.... >.<

So, I start the second one....
 TADA!!! The pencil holder =) but this time, I'm smarter, I know that if I turn to the back of the cover page I can find THIS!!!! The instruction to the whole thing <3 <3 <3
So while keep looking at this instruction, I make the things out of this 2 wooden pieces...

And, it turns out I only need 7~8 minutes to finish this off with the instruction. I wonder how fast I can get with the helicopter if I made the airplane based on the instruction book and not by trial & error. ^^

But because I push the head part too hard to fit in. Well, I bet there's a reason why this is so cheap... some of the part of the puzzle just don't fit in that you have to push hard enough to make it fit in. So, I push it hard and it broke down. >.< NOOOO!!!!
You can see I glue it up and you can see the glue mark all over his shoulder.... If you don't see clear enough, I'll give you another closer look....
Anyway, doing this is super interesting!!! I can't wait for my next visit to Daiso and buy some more of these things and get it done at home. =D

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Which Zodiac has the most potential to be a Psychotic Killers? Zodiak apa yang Paling Memungkinkan Menjadi Pembunuh Berdarah Dingin?

The list below is based on the research of the States Police Department on their killers list profile. See the list below whether you're being mentioned within the top 3~! >.<

1. Pisces!!
Percentage : 15% of the killers list.
Average People Murdered : 6.32 number victims / killer

Most of Pisces will choose to keep it to themselves and do nothing when they're being bullied by others. But when you keep bullying them / keep forcing them until they can't find any way out, that's when they'll turn evil. By then he'll even finish off anyone, meaning those who don't have any relations with them might even be their victims. o_O" So most of the case found in this Pisces killer is the case of the killing of the entire family. Because when they turn bad, they are even darker and more evil than the Scorpios.

Famous Pisces Killer : Aileen Wuornos, John Wayne Gacy

2. Scorpio
Percentage : 11% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 4.79 number victims / killer

Talking about dark sides / dark personality, no one is able to win off this zodiac. But most of the Scorpio killers are being able to captivate easily by the police. Though, the similar thing about Scorpio killers are they normally have a very sadistic way of killing people, like mutilation, etc.

Famous Scorpio Killer : Charles Manson

3. Leo
Percentage : 10% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 4.15 number victims / killer

Most of Leos have a very emotional (read : easily provoked) personality. So most of their killing motives is being provoked so that they get very angry and decided to finish off the victim.

Famous Leo Killer : Anatoly Onoprienko

4. Aquarius
Percentage : 8% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 3.32 number victims / killer

While for Aquarius Killers, it's hard to find out the real motives behind their murders. As this zodiac sign is believed to have a complicated personality, there's no exact motives behind the killing spree. But most of the cases are being categorized under rape-murder cases. And it's said that it's very hard to catch an Aquarius Killers, therefore most of the killers under this zodiac sign are still on the large.... >.< But one interest thing is most of their victims are Aquarius Male. lolz

Famous Aquarius Killer : John Lee Mavo

5. Taurus
Percentage : 8% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 2.87 number victims / killer

Most Taurus kills for quite the same reason, not every Taurus but most of the Taurus, which is they kill to keep their secret safe. So if you have a Taurus friend and find out that he / she did something really bad, just keep quite and pretend not to know might be the best way out. lolz ^^

Famous Taurus Killer : Albert Fish

Another interesting thing is that some famous evil dictators are Taurus, say like Vladimir Lenin, Adolf Hitler, and Saddam Hussein. And Taurus ranked number 2 in the criminal list, but rather than killing people, they're more well known to do high level crime like money laundering. lolz

6. Virgo
Percentage : 7% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 2 number victims / killer

As for Virgo,mostly they kill because they can't accept the condition they're in right now. Officers always have difficulties in determine their motives of killing. It's found that a lot of unpredictable murders case, things that you might won't even able to imagine comes from these Virgo killers.

Famour Virgo Killer : Ed Gein

7. Gemini
Percentage : 7% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 2 number victims / killer

Most of the murder case by Gemini quite similar to Aquarius Killer which is a rape-murder. But, what differentiate them is while most Aquarius killer is still on the large, Gemini killer is caught 100 percent, meaning non of the Gemini killer able to escape their way from the justice. And their motive is quite similar to Leo which is provoked by others action towards them.

Famous Gemini Killer : Jeffrey Dahmer

8.  Aries
Percentage : 7% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 1.57 number victims / killer

They normally would even be more surprised than others when they found themselves kill other people. Most of them kill others when they are getting involved in some serious argument, which makes them lose their mind and kill people before they even know it.

Famous Aries Killer : Keith Jesperson

9. Sagittarius
Percentage : 7% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 1.1 number victims / killer

Here comes mine~! lolz~ Sagittarius Killer doesn't have any reason / motives to kill. Most of them kill because they feel like killing someone. After killing others, normally they feel super guilty and tried to turn thing back again, but everything is too late.

Famous Sagittarius Killer : Ted Bundy

Sagittarius topped 3 in the criminal lists, but most of them are con artist, robbers and thieves, and 1 interesting thing is Sagittarius criminal in most cases, don't hurt their victims.

10. Cancer
Percentage : 7% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 1.1 number victims / killer

Most of Cancer is a really passionate killer. They kill multiple times and would normally leave some markings in their victim bodies. And most of the Cancer killer is normally mentally unstable.

Famous Cancer Killer :  Jodi Arias

11. Capricorn
Percentage : 7% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 1.07 number victims / killer

Capricorn mostly is not easily provoked into arguments, but the problem is they tend to listen to others easily. Most of Capricorn killers are proved to be contract killers, so they don't kill for themselves, but they are hired to be a killer. >.< Problem is they're not really smart in covering their tracks, making them easily being busted out.

Famous Capricorn Killer : Harold Shipman

12.  Libra
Percentage : 6% of the killers list
Average People Murdered : 1.02 number victims / killer

Even though Libra is being listed as the least, don't you dare too look down on them. Most of Libra killer case is they normally suicide after kill their victims. So if you ever make a Libra mad, they might choose to die with you. o_O"

Famous Libra Killer : Lee Harvey Oswald

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translated and slightly edited from:
Xi Nu Ai Le

[Food] Japanese Ramyeon in Seoul~ Sanjome, Makan Ramen Jepang di Seoul =)

Still trying hardly on doing my translation job for translating a Chinese written agreement to Korean written agreement. >.< I worked out late last night, woke up late this morning and decided to eat one of my favorite Japanese Ramen restaurant in neighborhood which is called Sanjome. I've visited here for a few times and would like to introduce 3 of my favorite menu in this restaurant. ^^

The restaurant is not that big and you will have to share table with other people, as the place is small but the customers are so many. Sometimes you'll even have to queue up during lunch time. So if you don't like a too crowded place, then you might want to consider visiting this place during dinner. =) As they have lesser customer during night rather than during day.

In Sanjome, they sell variety of Soup Ramen, Dry Ramen and variety of Don (Rice Topped with Certain Menu). And out of the variety they had, my favorites are...

1. Don Katsu Ramen
Ramen made out of stocks which has been cooked for hours so that it'll taste more delicious and tastier with a slice of pork meat of course and an Japanese style boiled egg. >.< Before I know about this place, I used to go to Ippudo which located in Apgujeong if I feel like eating ramen, but since the Don Katsu Ramen in Sanjome definitely taste much better than Ippudo's Ramen.

2. Tsukemen
Is the only dry kind of ramen being sold in this restaurant. I think it's basically a Soba concept, it's just they use different kind of noodles and different kind of sauce. But I definitely love this one more as it's richer in flavor. It taste slightly a little bit spicy and sour at the same time. Definitely loving it. =)

3. Sin Buta Don
Spicy Pork Rice. =) The pork tastes really really really good. You can slightly smell a roasted pork grilled with charcoal smell, it tastes sweet and spicy and making you want to eat more. >.< Oh, for you who'd love to try out both (1 Ramen + 1 Don) menu, they're actually selling it in set menu during lunch. So you can order a ramen, add 1000 KRW to get a mini sized Don, then you can have both ramen and Don~!

But of course, since mini sized Don is not enough, but taking the set menu is too much for me, I've always try the menu out one by one every visit. =) >.< And now, after writing this, I'm thinking of which menu to have today~~ =D

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

[ Korean Food ] Chicken and Darts at Hongik University Station~ Makan Ayam Goreng Korea di Hongdae~

If you guys is a fan of Korean Cooking Show, you guys might now the recently HOTTEST cooking show in Korea which is 냉장고를 부탁해 or literally means Please take care of my refrigerator, is a cooking show where they normally will ask 2 celebrity guest out for each episode, bringing each of their own refrigerator from home. Then, the chef who appear in the show, normally there will be 8 chef appear, will have to cook based on the theme the celebrity choose and can only use the ingredients inside of the refrigerator.

The show is on fire, that almost every chef who appear in the show will become popular and even can get a lot of endorsement, and some even become CF stars. WOW right?! And one the episode where they bring G Dragon and Taeyang into the episode, you can even find 3 most expensive food in the world inside GD's refrigerator. >.< Okay, anyway, one of the chef who specialized in Chinese food, named Lee Yeon Bok owned a restaurant at Yeonheui-dong, and me and my friend were planning to try it out yesterday.

But, once we reached there, we found out that we would have to make a reservation first before we can go inside the restaurant.... And when I was try to make a reservation for the next day, the restaurant manager tell us that the restaurant has been fully booked up to November.... -_-" Meaning we won't be able to try this restaurant like until pass mid November. Therefore, walking around sadly, don't know what to eat, because we were planning to have a Chinese Food before. Then, we saw a restaurant who everyone will surely love to eat, which sells Korean Fried Chicken, located near Hongdae Station Exit no. 8.

Rather than walking aimlessly, we decided to just eat anything. The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor and once you get into the place then you'll see this kind of interior...
And an announcement which says that they are having an event, which is playing dart. If you can get the points as per below, each of the point will give you one free item. And if you can get 777 points (for guy) or 666 points (for girl) then they even give you a portion of free Garlic Roasted Chicken. o_O"
There's a lot of kind of chicken you can have. While me, I ordered a Chinese Spicy Fried Chicken with a Ddokbukki Ramyeon. The chinese spicy fried chicken has a 50% discount so it only costs KRW 9000 while the Ramyeong cost another KRW 9000.
Aside from the side dishes, they prepare 2 types of sauce for you, the dark colored one taste slightly sweet and spicy, while the white one taste plain sweet. The first thing to come out is the Korean Rice Cake, which come out with the Ramyeon.
So, it's like the ramyeon it's not inside, but they served it separately, so you can choose in either to put the ramyeon inside the Korean Rice Cake sauce, or just slightly dip it then sip it.
And, the last one to come out of course the Chinese Spicy Fried Chicken. I don't expect too much of it, since I never heard of this fried chicken restaurant before, but it definitely taste special. The sauce is sweet and sour and spicy while the outside is crispy enough and the meat inside is soft enough =D It's so juicy that you can even felt it melt inside your mouth >.<
If you ask me to come back one more try and have another try on another menu, I'll definitely come back here and try again. LOLZ. This place is just too wonderful. ^^

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

[Travel] Where to Go in Chuncheon? Jalan-jalan Korea ke Chuncheon ^^

Let's say you'll only have a day and you really would like to go out of Seoul for just a day, where would you go? There's a lot of beautiful place out of Seoul where you can visit within a day, and the place I'd like to talk about today is 청평사 (Cheong Pyeong Sa), a temple located in Chuncheon Area.

It's a little bit complicated to get into this place since the bus no. 18-1 which can takes you directly to the main gate of this place from Chuncheon station only operated 2 times a day which is 9 45 AM and 10 PM. HAH! And what worst is it doesn't even operated during weekend~ What a good arrangement from the local government... m.m"

So the other option is a little bit complicated but well who cares since it's a vacation~ ^^ You need to take bus no. 11, 12 or 150 from the opposite of Chuncheon Station and stop at So Yang River Dam (Soyang Gang Daem) stop. You just have to get down when you see this thing...
And then follow down the road and you'll see sign on to get to the ferry port, oh yes, we have to ride a 10 minutes ferry before we can reach the pathway to go to the temple.

The beautiful Soyang Lake~~ >.< Even though I feel super annoyed with the bus thing but how can you keep feel annoyed when there's this beautiful stuff for you to see <3

And there's also a monument of the success of 88 Seoul Olympics =D
It costs around KRW 6,000 to get a round trip ferry ticket.. and here we are riding inside the ferry~ You can either go to the back of the ferry where you've to stand but you see clearly the beautiful panorama of the river~ Or you can either to choose to sit down and enjoy the 10 minutes ride like me~~

After 10 minutes ride, then you'll reach at the other port, but we are not there yet~~

Getting off the port and up here we go~ =)

And when you see this kind of road vendors, meaning that you'll only have 2 more km to go before you can reach the ticket gate.
And I noticed a grandma who is busy taking her selfie pics near the bridge lolz~ >.< She must be a young at heart type of person ^^

And after crossing this bridge... you'll see another street of restaurants~

There's only half way to go before we can reach the ticket gate if you see the second bridge~~ There's a public toilet on the left hand side of the bridge, and you might want go the toilet first before you continue to climb up~ There's still 1 km to go before you get to the ticket gate and there's still a 20 more minutes walk after the ticketing gate before you can find another public toilet to use~
Starting from this point, there's no more street vendor or restaurants or anything... It's 100% nature~ A~ U~ O~! ^^

And a selca of my bare face~ lolz
And, finally we reached the ticket gate. You'll have to pay for KRW 2,000 and if you're either an elder or children or a soldier then you can get a special discount.

I only know that this place is a story about a princess and the snake, but to my surprise that it's actually about a princess of Tang Dynasty~ Yes, I mean the Chinese Tang Dynasty! In the information board, they only said that the guy who loved Pyeongyang Princess is being killed by King Taejong (Taizong Emperor) of Tang Dynasty, which led the guy to reincarnate into snake which keep sticking onto the princess, it's not until the princess come here to pray and have a bath in the nearby fall that the snake finally can go up to nirvana and escape the reincarnation circle of life.

It might be due to this is a temple so that they make the story to sounded like legend or fantasy. In true life, there's really this guy who is being killed by King Taejong because of Gaoyang Princess (real name of the princess whose lover being executed by the king) during Tang Dynasty. But why? Reason 1, Gaoyang Princess is married by that time. Reason 2, the guy is a monk (he is one of the disciple of Monk Tang Shan Zhang who is being made into one of the main character in Journey to the West). Reason 3, since she is a married girl then it would mean that this is an affair!!!

Can you imagine a famous King from a big Dynasty of his time, with a daughter who is married having an affair with a disciple of famous monk from the time? How huge the humiliation is it to him!! If I were the King, I would definitely not only kill the guy, but I'll kill the princess as well. =_=" And later on, after the death of her father, her brother take the throne as Emperor Gaozong of Tang, by this time she plotted a rebellion with her husband and in the end being sentenced to death by hanging by Empress Wu.

Keep going on, you'll see this "Turtle Rock"~ They said it looks like turtle =D

Moving slightly a little bit further up, you can see this fall and cave where they said the princess spend the night here and take the bath here =)

Next is this....

There's also a poet carved in a stone left by a monk few hundred years ago~

Pond being built during Goryeo Dynasty~~
And finally, we reached the main gate of the temple~ Oh yeah~!!!

And here's the end of my journey today~~ =) I really had a lot of fun even though I came all the way here alone ^^ And get a little bit pissed off due to the bus thing~

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