Monday, November 30, 2015

Sillim - North Korean Style Fried Fish ?

This food is called "짝태" (Jjaktae). But what is a Jjaktae? It's my first time seeing this word as well, and when you tried to search it in naver dictionary, nothing comes out. lolz~ But once you get into this place, then you'll see an explanation of what is a Jjaktae is being written and hanged up on the wall. The place is small, they only have like around 5 tables inside, and the customer keep coming and go.
Jjaktae is a dish name which they copied from North Korea's Hamgyeong-do area, a signature dish from the area which is also known as Jjeondeuki. Jjaktae basically is a dish where you cut the pollack's stomach and take out every organs inside then made cooked it into 3 types of pollack which is dried pollack, grilled dried pollack and salted pollack and then left it half dried.
The boss here is super friendly as well, and generous. First thing out is this snack~~ It tastes plain....
But if we ate it with this type of sauces... then it taste spicy and salty lolz~
The sauce above is actually used to eat together with the dried pollack. The left one is mayonnaise and some Ganjang Sauce (Korean Soy Sauce) with chili cuts, which taste spicy salty and sweet at the same time. While the right one is a hot sauce.
So this is the three types of pollack. I don't dare to eat the head part and the bottom part is not my style as well. But the middle one, which I think a grilled dried pollack taste really good~ The skin taste a little bit crispy, but the meat was super soft. It was as soft as cotton candy. >.<
And last but not least~~~ is this ramyeon which taste good but not worth the price. I ordered this ramyeon because it says it's an octopus ramyeon. But I don't see any octopus inside, well there's is a little bit in the bottom of the pot, but.... it just taste like any other ramyeon I can buy in the market, which only costs me KRW 900 but this bowl of ramyeon costs me KRW 5,000. T-T But since the pollack taste super good and delicious, I'll just let it go. lolz

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Monday, November 23, 2015

This week Song Triplets~ Superman Return Ep 105

For those who love to watch Superman Return, you must be familiar with the famous Song Triplets who attract so much viewer just within their first few episodes and their fans are still growing. ^^

This week Superman Return, Song Il Gook takes the triplets to visit his drama filming set~ >.<
Since, it seems like Song Triplets don't know exactly what's his father job is. Daehan said that his father job is "Kissing Master"....
And Minguk said that his father job is a photographer....
So, in order to let his children know exactly what's his job is, he decided to take them to see what he's doing. The first thing they do when they reach the filming set is to change their costumes. While waiting for his father to change, Minguk and Manse tries out several attributes and Minguk even sings some old songs~ lolz which have a kinda erotic meaning...
Leaving his dad giving a speechless expression and smile awkwardly~ lolz Then the next thing is to do the make up on. And Manse whose mind doesn't seem too straight like his other two brothers (remember how he cries when his father swims? He thought his father is drowning....), this time when his father doing a make up, he though his father is doing a wound dressing in the hospital and keep asking whether his father feels okay~
This view is not hospital at all, I don't know how Manse could have that thoughts in mind?, which sometimes makes me thinking whether he's just try to be funny or he's kind of....
After sometimes, Manse's expression suddenly change into something different.
He called his father repeatedly...
Why? Do you call me because I look too handsome in this make up?
Too bad that's not the case... Manse just want to go for toilet >.< And if you realized, the superman return staff didn't do a good editing works, when Manse was calling for his father few seconds ago, Minguk was standing beside Manse, but in the above still cut, you can see Minguk is standing behind Song Il Guk, but going back to the below still cut, Minguk is back next to Manse, which is weird. lolz

The director then ask for Song Il Gook permission to let Song Triplets to appear as cameo in the drama, which is quickly agreed by their father. Posing as Beggar Brothers. =D

Joseon's Beggar Brother's style

But don't you feel like Manse look more like a heavy metal rocker here?
Aside from their shooting experience, there's other cute stuff in this episode, let's say when Minguk looks irritate since he really would like try to get the mandu but his tray still has a long way to go~
As you know that Song Family is a Mandu Mania~
And when Minguk realized that his little brother is taking the mandu menu, he looks worried that the mandu might finished before he can reach it....
And suddenly gets super irritated and keep asking his father to keep his father's tray out of his way...
Due to hectic schedule and so little time to rest, he suddenly fell asleep during lunch~! o_O" Oh... poor Il Gook... T-T
And Manse try to ask his dad question on why he fell asleep...
But when his father didn't answer... he then thought his father was dead! o_O"
And after calling for number of times, his father is finally awake~!!!
They're cute right? Next week will be about their story in their first drama appearance~~ so be sure to stay tune and get ready to watch Superman Return every Sunday~~ ^^

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Autumn in Seoul~ Pemandangan Musim Gugur di Seoul~

I planned to make this post last week, but due to my hectic schedule I was unable to update any during weekend. T-T Autumn has ended here in Korea, or at least is ending soon (should be within this week) where the temperature is keep going down. Although I didn't manage to make the post about autumn in Seoul in time, I was able to make it to see some of the red and yellow leaves. ^^

So few weeks back, when the tree is still colorful, I went to Gwanak Mountain (again) to see how the trees are doing over there. I was planning to go to Gwanak Mountain after having a little nap, so I should be going at around 2pm, but I overslept. I didn't wake up until 5 pm o_O" so I rushed myself to wear something warm since the weather start to get colder outside, rush to the nearest bus stop and take bus no. 5517.

The sky is getting darker and I was kind of worried, whether I should go back and come again on the other day. But once I stepped my foot around the entrance, there's still a lot of grandmas and grandpas who's climbing upwards, so I decided just to go up as well.
It's getting dark and my phone camera can't take the picture really well in the dark. T-T But luckily I brought my camera and there's still some street lights here and there, which can slightly help in taking better pictures.
The trees is beautiful, but compare to those with yellowish leaves, I prefer those with orange ones. How about you?
The red one is fantastic either >.<

I was kind of regret it that I didn't able to wake up in time and make it during day time to see this beautiful trees.
It must be super awesome to be able seeing this stuff during day time~~ T-T Well, I'll just go for it next time~
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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Celebrities Doppleganger from the Past~

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18 celebrities with their look alike from centuries ago, which definitely will make you go shiver to the spine, since they look so much a like... Could it be a reincarnation?? XD

1. Zach Galifianakis and Louis Vuitton
2. Sylverster Stallone and Pope Gregory
3. Rupert Grint and David Wilke
4. Nicolas Cage and Unknow Civil War Prisoner
5. Mark Zuckerberg and Philip 4 of Spain
6. Maggie Gylllenhaal and Rose Wilder Lane
7. Macaulay Culkin and Young Vladimir Putin
8. Leonardo Di Caprio and Judy Zipper
9. Justin Timberlake and Unnamed Criminal
10. John Travolta and Unnamed man from 1800
11. Jennifer Lawrence and Zubaida Tharwat
12. Jimmy Fallon and this moustache man
13. Jay Z and I dont know who from 1939
14. Jack Black and Barber of Seville
15. Eminem and the Roman Statue
16. Ellen De Generes and Henry David Thoreau
17. Eddie Murphy and his exact twins >.<
18. Brad Pitt and Isaac Stevens
So who do you think look like their twins from the past the most?

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