Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Operasi Double Jaw Surgery dengan Dokter Korea~ Double Jaw Surgery at Izien Plastic Surgery~

You might have realized that I have a super long face which is to the extent of not normal. Not only that my lower jaw is located slightly too outwards / protruding, meaning I have a lower jaw protruding problem...
And ever since I was young, my friend always tease me about it. Teasing once, I might still be able to pretend that it was just a joke. But teasing it repeatedly for several times and every day, even when it was just a joke, I would take it for real. It became a humiliation and I started to lose my self confident.And before I know, I grew up to be an introvert person who prefer to be alone rather than going out and making friends.
I've never dreamt of becoming handsome like Lee Min Ho or some Korean Actors, instead I'm happy if I were able to have a normal face just like everyone else. Therefore I didn't go for eyes and nose consultation, instead just concentrating on double jaw surgery and facial contouring surgery to make my face line look more normal.
During the surgery, not only Dr. Kang, but Anesthesia Doctor (the one in blue uniform) was also stationed inside of my operating room during surgery to make sure that my stats is normal during surgery and to make sure that I have a safety anesthesia procedure.
If there's someone who said that the first day doesn't hurt at all, they are definitely not lying. The only thing that makes me feel uncomfortable is a sore throat. This happens to everyone, since the anesthesia doctor is putting in a respiratory tube during the general anesthesia procedure. This what caused you to have a sore throat which will get better after 2~3 days after surgery.
Like every other surgery, the 3rd day is definitely will be the day with most swelling in your face. But lucky me, I don't have too much fat on my face, which makes me look much less swollen compare to other jaw surgery patient. =)
On my 7th days, my face starts to look a little bit more normal compare to the other day. Though you still can notice that my cheek is bigger on one side than on the other side. Well, I still have months to go before my swelling can completely go down and I keep telling myself to be patient. I keep all the mirrors in my house, so that I won't try to look at the mirror every minute to check on my swelling. XD
On the 1st month after my surgery, I went back to the hospital for check up. My major swelling has went down completely, the only thing left for me is minor swelling. ^^ The surgeon said that I'm recovering fast and well, which is a good thing to hear. =)
Minor swelling means the recovery period of time needed where your soft tissue and skin layer will slowly adapt and following the new shape of your facial bone. During this period of time, it's very normal if you can feel a minor asymmetric around your face, and your facial shape is still not final. It still can change, in a good way of course, which is why you see a minor changes between my 2 months face (above) and my 1month face.
80 days
100 days
200 days
Here you can see how my 3 last photos changes. I look slimmer each following day, which means that minor swelling is going down as well. Of course, whether you'd like to have a slim face like mine, or you want a more masculine feeling, you can talk it out with your surgeon during the consultation. But, what I'm trying to say here is that my swelling has finally go down completely!!

I really would love to thank the medical staff of Izien Plastic Surgery, for helping me going through a lot during my surgery and recovery, for being patient for my every needs and for keep encouraging me during the surgery and recovery period.

After 200 days (around 6 months or so), more or less the surgery result is fixed. But of course, for some people who had slower recovery you might need to wait until 1 year after the surgery.

@ Izien Plastic Surgery / Inggrid Ng


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