Thursday, December 31, 2015

3CE Apple Tint~ Lip n Cheek Tint~

TADA~! I've been using this for quite some time now. It was when I was out of my peach color blusher, then I decided to find a new one. I've been using Etude's blusher for all this time, when I got into this brand when I was shopping around Hongik University.
They only sell it in 2 colors the time I bought it, you can choose either you want an orange color or pink color. I prefer orange to pink though. No specific reason, it's just that my skin color fit the orange better than the pink one. ^^
The tint actually can work both for lip tint and cheek tint, but I prefer to use it as the latter one. I'm not really comfortable putting on lip tint on my lip, therefore I never use one unless under a circumstances where I have to. Put this little amount of the tint and spread it over your cheek, and it will give you this result.
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Most Delicious Korean BBQ~!

I know I've talked about this restaurant before in last July, but I can't stop loving this Korean BBQ's place which I think taste good with a reasonable price, which is slightly cheaper than the overall BBQ places you can find in Seoul.
This one is located near Seoul National University Station, and the place is still full of people even though it's near its closing time. >.< How can they have such a good business, making me feel like opening a franchise too back in my own country~ LOLZ!
Once you ordered your menu, the fire will be set up right in front of you which feels warm in this cold winter night. I've always love to eat the spicy bulgogi here, but the one I had this time is the soysauced grilled meat, a new menu which I'd love to try.
While they put the meat serving on the top of the grilled pan, they also served you with several things like seaweed soup, kimchi, the spicy sauce, samjang, garlic and a little bit sprinkle of salt.
Meaning you can choose your own favorite sauce to eat once the meat is done. Please make sure not to flip the meat too many times, since if you keep on flipping it, the juice will keep coming out making the meat not juicy and the texture will be slightly hard to chew.
They don't limit you on how long you can grill each sides, but one of the restaurants I went to, they said grilled each side for 4 minutes will gives you the best result. The meat will still taste juicy, while the outside will feel crunchy.
Once both side turned to this color, meaning you can get your scissors ready, then start to cut the meat into a smaller pieces so that you can munch on it. >.<
And today's Sae Maeul Sikdang also gives a very very satisfying dinner for my stomach. The new menu is good, but still I prefer spicy food to this kind which taste kinda sweet and salty. =D

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How to take care of your swelling after surgery? Cara ampuh menurunkan bengkak setelah operasi plastik~

After your plastic surgery procedure, the next thing might feel like hell for you, which is where you will have to wait for the swelling to goes down completely.

Completely different from normal swelling and bruises, plastic surgery's swelling and bruises is caused by the damaged soft tissue during surgeries. The damage of the soft tissue during surgeries can get into the corium skin layer, which therefore causes the swelling and bruising of plastic surgery might need some more time to heal and has to be taken care of quite carefully after the surgery. =)

Swelling and bruises after plastic surgery procedures can be divided into 2 which refer to major swelling, the swelling during the first week after the surgery, and minor swelling which can goes up to at least 1 month after the surgery. Some people's minor swelling can even get up to 3~6 months, and even for 6~12 months for bone or facial contouring surgery.

Through this article, I would like to share on how to take care of your post surgery swellings and bruises in the most simplest way, so simple that you can do it by yourself at home. ^^

Should we start now, shouldn't we? =D

1. Move around A LOT / do some simple exercises
The most important thing to get a faster recovery is to have a good blood circulation, which will help your bruises and swelling to subside faster. So, instead of staying at home and laying on your bed the whole day, going out for a window shopping will do you more good.

Or, if you're too shy to go out and see people yet, then you can consider some simple exercise in your home. Please note that we say "simple" exercise. Heavy exercises like areobic, gym, etc should be avoided for at least 3~4 weeks after the surgery.

 2. Place your pillow higher than usual position

Next would be your sleeping position. The best way to sleep for the first few weeks after your surgery is to place your pillow slightly higher so that your upper body would place slightly higher than your lower body.

Reason is? Still for the same purposes as number 1, so that you'll have a better blood circulation which will lead you to have a faster recovery and shorter period time for the swelling and bruises to subside.

Believe it or not, but this step really helps a lot for the major swelling. Patients who use higher pillow to sleep in the first few days will have lesser swelling and bruises compare to those who don't.

3. Ice Pack / Warm Pack

After surgery, normally you will be given a pink colored pack which look like eyeglasses shape, this pack can be used both for ice pack and warm pack.
Put it inside your refrigerator and left it there for some time, once it becomes cool, take it out and apply it around the surgery area for 10~15 minutes.

While for warm pack, you can put it inside microwave for few seconds, or put it inside hot water for 5~10 minutes, once it gets warm, apply it around your surgery area. It is highly recommended to test the warm level of the pack using your bare hand before putting it in your surgery area. Since your surgery area might feel numb due to the swelling, you might won't feel hot when applying the hot pack but then get burnt without knowing it.

4. Yellow Pumpkin Juice / Porridge

Pumpkin Juice doesn't necessarily mean you have to buy  the pumpkin juice pocket which is being sold in the pharmacy nearby, especially pharmacy located in Apgujeong Station area, which is the main street for plastic surgery clinics.

You can eat anything which is made out of yellow pumpkin, e.g., yellow pumpkin porridge which can either be a handmade if you're good with cooking, or you can order it from the porridge restaurant. Or you can also just chomped out the whole steamed yellow pumpkin. =D

So are you ready for your surgery trip now?

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Korean Movie The Priests 2015~

I have a lot of biases and Kang Dong Won is one of my favorite~! He's been acting in an excellent way for his roles in movies like Maundy Thursday, Voice of a Murderer, Secret Reunion, Kundo, etc. And now he's starring as a deacon in this exorcism movie. There's not a lot of Korean exorcism movie as I remember, so I was wondering whether they can do a great job in this one. But since the main casts are veteran like Kim Yun Seok and of course my bias Kang Dong Won, so I decided to give it a try.
Story starts as a high school student got hit by a car and suddenly showing some strange behavior after the accident. Priest Kim (Kim Yoon Seok) is certain that she's being possessed by some evil spirits and ask for Korean Catholic Church to help in the exorcism, but all deacons who was sent to help him was all coming back frightened and wasn't able to finish the exorcism. One of the student in the theology university Choi (Kang Dong Won) is being chosen to be Priest Kim's 11th deacon.
The plot sounds super common, as every exorcism movies have quite similar story line, which makes me wondering whether this movie will be fun to watch or it will gives off some "just another exorcism movie" feeling. But the marvelous character being portrayed by both Kim Yoon Seok and Kang Dong Won makes you feel like in a roller coaster ride during an entire movie. =)
Park So-Dam, the actress who play the sick girl role, might seems like a new comer, but when you go through her filmography, she's been acting in several movies as a tiny role here and there since year 2013, which I must say play the role extremely well too. =D Thanks to her excellent acting that this movie seems more realistic and didn't feel awkward to watch during the exorcism procedure. LOLZ!
And I must say she still looks okay even with her super short hair. >.< I must've look weird if I shaved off my hair to that style. T-T
Last but not least, it's not too scary to watch alone, but it's definitely not a boring one. It gives you a just right tense feeling during the movie, and makes you feel "Ow, how can this end so early," at the end of movie. I was hoping that the sequel will come out, but it's very unlikely they'll do a sequel of the movie. LOLZ~! But if there is, I definitely will watch!! The actors and actress are brilliant and did a good job in giving the suitable vibe of the exorcism movie. =D

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

URIAGE : Your absolute solution for mosturizing~ ^^

I've always have problem with dry skin. >.< Moreover, after moving into a country with dry winter like South Korea, it's become more of trouble when I would have to put on my make up and walk around for the whole day during winter. The dry skin would come out, making your make up to look super untidy.

I've mentioned before that I loved using Too Cool For School moisturizer since it make your skin feel soft the whole day. But still, it doesn't help that much when you will have to apply the moisturizer over and over again. Your make up will eventually go away and you might have to keep applying your bb cream or powder over and over again.

Recently, while going to buy a new bottle of Raspberry Vinegar by Yves Rocher in the nearest Olive Young, I happened to see URIAGE product for their moisturizing line. I've tried their lip balm before which I think do a great effect. So my eyes was extremely goes to a "bling bling" mode when I see their moisturizing line products.

But of course after numbers of thought (since the price is quite slightly a little bit more expensive than what I normally spend on this stuff), it costs around KRW 33,000 (for the toner) and KRW 34,000 (for the moisturizing cream). The cream didn't seem too costly, since it's super big but the price is not too different than the Too Cool For School moisturizing cream which I normally used (KRW 32,000).

The toner or they called it lotion hydratante doesn't have any smell, which I love, meaning that they don't put any perfume inside the toner. As I heard perfumed lotion or perfumed toner is not that great for your skin. =(
Although it looks like just any other toner in this world. It really does a great job in moisturizing your skin. One of the reason I decided to go back and buy these stuffs are when I went there for my first visit, I tried this toner a little bit on the top of my hand and it feels really soft. But what's amazing is that you still can feel your hand stay moist even hours later. In my case, I still feel my hand feels soft and moist even after I play around with my friend and reach my home like 3~4 hours after I test on the toner.
After the toner, other very important think to keep your skin moist of course is this wonderful moisturizing cream, which I think really worth my money. Even with just a KRW 2,000 difference, this cream has a bigger case and larger amount than the one I used before. And, again, the result is wonderful. But since for the first few hour, it will make your skin look too oily after applying this, if you have to go out from home early then I would recommend you to apply this before bed, so when you wake up in the morning your skin will be as soft as, as smooth as, as elastic as jelly. =D
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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Shake-Shake Burger opening soon in 2016~!

Sung Si Kyung made comments on Shake-Shake Burger~

Last October, Sung Si Kyung has made an appearance in a Cable Channel Olive TV's show which is called "Olive Show 2015".

At the time at the show, Sung Si Kyung said, "Shake Shake Burger is not famous in New York. But the first time I tried it out, I fainted,"

Listening to Sung's comment, Chef Jang Ji Soo said, "Shake-Shake Burger is more famous in the east side, but In and Out Burgery is more famous in the west side," and added, "If you're looking for a basic original taste of burger, Shake-Shake Burger is more delicious, In and Out Burger is more about "Animal Style" and the most famous menu is where they put sauces on the top of french fries,"

"Though personally I think Shake-Shake Burger is more delicious," said Chef Jang Ji Soo quickly, while Sung Si Kyung agreed, "Me too, me too,"

Shake-shake Burger, one of the top 3 burger in USA is going to open their first store in South Korea in 2016.

Yesterday (21st December 2015) New York's Shake-Shake Burger has made an announcement through their official site, "Open in South Korea 2016".

After signing a formal contract / agreement with SPC Group who have been famous for their Paris Baguette, Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robin, they revealed that they are planning to open up to 25 stores in 2025.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tour around Seokjojeon which appears in Infinite Challenge~

I learned about the existence of this place through Infinite Challenge during the episode where Yoo Jae Suk and Gwanghee act as a tour guide during their historical tour which I found interesting, since I'm always interested in anything about history. Seokjojeon located in Deoksugung Palace, which located across the City Hall~
Daehan Gate is the main gate of Deoksugung Palace, where you can buy the entry ticket for KRW 1,000 on the left side. It's free for those all of you who is below 25 years old though (as per December 2015).
When you get inside, you'll notice that everything looks the same whether it's in Gyeongbok Palace, or Changdeok Palace or any other palaces in Korea. It's of course being rebuild again since almost everything is being raided and vanished during the Japanese invasion hundred years ago.
And, TADA, here's our main destination today~! Seokjojeon~ There's 3 floor where you can go inside for a look, the basement floor which basically got not that much to see is open for public so you can come in and go any time. But, the first and 2nd floor, only can be visited if you made the reservation online.
You can click here and click on the red button. Then you'll see this page~ There're 8 slot times during weekdays and 14 slot times during weekend.
On the columns when I circled in orange, you can see there's a gray button and red button. Gray means full, so you can't make the reservations on the mentioned time, but red means there's still place available to make reservations. Click on the time slot you'd love to have and another new page will appear.
Complete the form as per instructed above then click OK button and your reservation number will appear. You won't have to keep the reservation number, since they will keep a list of people who reserved the place and you just have to mentioned your name. So, back to the topic~
I reach in front of this hall at around 12 50 since I booked the 1 pm tour. The main door of the hall opened and I mentioned my name then they will tell you to change in indoor slippers, so make sure you don't wear shoes which is hard to take off. =P
In front of the hall there's this kind of place where looks like an unused fountain pond, but the instructor told us that this place has been renovated twice after the first completion.
It's a garden on the first completion, changed into pond in year 1920, then changed into fountain pond in year 1930s. Getting inside the main door of the hall. You'll see this place which is a central lobby of the hall.

If you've noticed, the upper photos and lower photos has the same wall decoration and hanging mirror. Reason is this hall is being build based on the western architectural which is popular among that time, and the main concept of the architecture during this time frame is symmetric. So the right side of the room and the left side of the room should look equally the same, or at least quite similar.
In this photo you can see the original photos of the room taken in that time and it's being decorated exactly the same as it was. In this room, the only real stuff from 1900s is table.

Next you can see the reception place for VIP guests. In this room, they will normally serves imported biscuits, champagne and other precious westerner's style food and beverages while they're waiting for the King.
Then the guide brought us to this room, which is now being used to introduce how the diplomats and ministers would have to do when they come to greet the King and would like to report on ministerial matters.
Here's the audience room, where ministers and diplomats can report the national or international affairs to the King. Anyway, the first floor is everything about work, work and work~! And now, it's time for us to take a peek on what the King's private life would look like.
TADA~! This is how the King's bed look like. Even though there's no photos left to prove how the King's room look like during this time, how would they be able to be so sure on how the bed looks like? Well, it is said that the this hall's furniture comes from a famous English Furniture Company of that time, which is called Maple Furniture. They still got the catalog and the purchase order from that time, so Korean makes a new bed based on the model in the catalog.

These three stuffs is still original though. How can they be so sure it's still original? They got a "Maple's Company" stamp and "Emperor's Bedroom" stamp right below the furniture.
Place where the King will go during his natural calling and below is how his bathroom look like~
Unlike the bathroom nowadays, bathroom on that time are being placed in 2 separated rooms located next to each other.
And this is the guest room for King's guest. What is the difference between this room and the reception room downstairs? This place is to be said to be the room where the King will meet up with a more familiar guest or friends.
Located to the King's guest room, here's where the King would meet with his Queen, having a little talk and sweet little times, which I bet might won't be able to happen often due to the political situation during that time, where the King might be busier handling national affairs rather than his private affairs. lolz.
And if you've noticed the rooms where belongs to the King are being decorated with yellow curtains, but for the Queen, it's being decorated with red maroon curtain. Next will be the Queen's bedroom.

Next is the hall for in the 2nd floor where there are a lot of hanging pictures. One of the most memorable and had a deep painful meaning (as per explained by the guide) will be this one.
If you notice King Yeong Chin Ah (the shortest one) stand in a rather different pose than the others. It's a Japanese military standing pose. Being held hostage for quite a long time in Japan, resulted him to naturally pose like Japanese military staffs. How come a King of one country posed in a pose which refers to other country's military pose? This showed us how hard Korean's life was during that time.
Last would be the dining room, where a lot of western food was being served during that time. The menus are steak, ice cream, and a lot more, which might considered common nowadays but considered as a expensive food during that time. Last but not least, just next the dining room, they keep one of the original construction of this hall.
And that's the end of the tour~ ^^v
Another bonus of today is, I went to Samcheong-dong which located near the palace, and found this place, where they have a shoot of She Was Pretty in a scene where Hwang Jung Eum jumping down the stairs to make her wish come true. LOLZ~
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