Sunday, July 10, 2016

AMKC Atelier Es Teler Cake~!

One of the most happening local restaurant recently, which is owned by pair of husband and wife, Adhika Maxi and Karen Carlotta. And this is not their first success restaurant, they also owned and managed Union in Senayan area, which previously super famous for their red velvet cake.

Adhika Maxi, cooked at celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey restaurant in New York before, while his wife is super good at baking cake, which lead her to invent Red Velvet cake at Union, then Es Teler Cake, which is one of the "it" item and "must eat" item in Jakarta right now.

I happened to try out various menu in this restaurant by several times visit with different friends. I ate quite a few of their menu and found that every menu has their own uniqueness and I must say that out of the menus I ate, I haven't found anything which is not into my style. LOLZ!

I tried Aglio Olio on my first visit, but didn't remember to take the photo because I was too hungry and too devastated in trying their dishes. I get to eat basil bread and their cakes as well. We ordered Es Teler Cake and Lapis Cheese Cake. The Es Teler Cake I will describe it later on in this post but the Lapis Cheese Cake, I must it taste just so-so... It doesn't taste bad but doesn't taste good either. >.<

1. Diablo Chicken
It's not the menu ordered by me but by one of my friend. The chicken meat is tender and the sauce is spicy and rich.

2. Fried Kuetiau with Vongole
I knew you would say "what?!". Why should I ordered this kind of stuff in this expensive restaurant? Well, I was like step into the restaurant on my second visit, see someone eating this on the other table and "Oh I want that!!". And it does worth a try, it doesn't taste like Akang Kuetiau but a rather Indonesian taste, which is spicy. (I think they use a balacan sambal in this menu).

3. Pork Belly Roasted
This might be the best dish I've had in the restaurant. The potato puree was so soft and it does a pretty good magic if you eat it together with the pork belly. =P The pork belly itself was so tender that it melts the moment it get into your mouth. Uhhhmmm~!!

4. Roasted Vegetable
During my 3rd visit, I've been like eating the whole week outside food, which oily and unhealthy, so I decided to have a "rather" healthy choice compare to the other menu which is roasted vegetable. And, again the menu really give some surprise to me. It taste just right, not too salty, neither it's too oily or creamy even with the potato puree spread over the plate. Yummy!!

5. Banana Rhum Cake
On the first taste, this cake taste quite good, but as you keep going on and on, the chocolate was too much and instead of banana choco rhum cake, it tastes more like a too much of chocolate chocolate cake.

6. Martabak Cake
This was an "it" cake for sometimes quite sometime ago, and I was a fan of martabak, and haven't got a chance to try this out since I was out of country for quite a long time. So, I decided to give it a try. One of the most disappointing thing is that the cake was served FROZEN!!! I know you have a lot customer but this doesn't mean that you didn't care about the quality of your food. If only the cake is not in a frozen state, I bet this one would taste quite lovable. The mixture of chocolate, cheese and nuts is just so right. Though it doesn't taste even a bit like martabak, but I would definitely order another slice on my next visit. Just don't serve it in a frozen state and I'll be very grateful.

7. Es Teler Cake
TADA!!! The most happening cake in this town~ And for now, you might not be able to find this anywhere, unless in this AMKC atelier restaurant. I ordered this during my first and second visit and each visit gives me a different impression. The time I tried this out during my first visit, the cake was served just right, the cake was so soft and the cream was so wonderful, it taste like a real es teler. o_O" The time I tried this out during my second visit, I was very much disappointed. Again the restaurant was at it busiest time, I asked for the cake after my meal, but they served it out before my meal. And what's even hateful is that they served it in a FROZEN STATE.

I've visited this restaurant in a total of three times, and 2 out of 3 times they served me FROZEN CAKE. I mean literally frozen one, where you can still feel the ice and everything. and even worse the second time I ate the es teler cake, the ice melted that there's water around the cake after sometimes, which makes the cake taste wet and bad. m.m"

The dishes is marvelous though. =D Just remember to tell the hall staff to prepare your cake after your meal and not in a frozen state and I guarantee you'll have a wonderful experience dining in this restaurant. ^^

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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Gyeongju Travel (2) : Bulguksa Temple, Seokguram, Crab Tofu Soup

If you wish to visit Bulguksa Temple during your stay in Gyeongju, then make sure you plan to go to Seokguram on the same day as well. Reason is, the only way to go to Seokguram is by using a shuttle bus (of course it's not free and quite costly) from the Bulguksa Temple's main gate. There's a certain time schedule, so make sure you check on the bus leaving and arrival time so you can plan your time well.

Since I'm hurrying for the earlier bus time, I arrived at Bulguksa Temple slightly before lunch time and had a simple lunch around the Temple. I had Ddeok Galbi (Korean Style Hamburg Steak?) at a restaurant located right across the temple.

Ddeok Galbi
Then you'll get to walk through some flower fields before you arrive at the ticketing gate of Bulguksa Temple.

Bulguksa temple was originally built in 528 during Silla dynasty, and has been rebuilt for several times after that. The original name of this temple is Beopryusa Temple, and it's not until 774 that its name is being changed to Bulguksa Temple.
And in year 2009, this place was being designated as UNESCO World Heritage No. 502. And the operating hours is only up to 18:00 so make sure you dun stay up late here, otherwise you won't be able to find any bus going back to the city. >.<

The upper part of this temple has been renovated for quite a few times, though they said the stairs are still those of Silla Dynasty >.< Fantastic isn't it? Unless, they were bluffing about the whole genuine construction thing.

Bulguksa is quite large in size and you can see here and there in every corner. But wait until you get to see Seokguram!! Eventhough it is smaller in size this stone temple which is being build at around 774 during Silla Dynasty is even more beautiful~!
In the building above, you can try to ring the bell, but it'll cost you KRW 1,000 per ring. LOLZ~! Then after you keep going up up up up and up, you'll see a stone temple which looks super amazing. Too bad that they dun let us to take a picture on the temple~ T-T so you might have to google it and see it by yourself. LOLZ =D

It took longer than what I thought to get back to the city, but we get in time just to have a taste on this famous Crab Tofu Soup =)

Eventhough this place is being labeled as famous restaurant by locals (as in people who live in Gyeongju) and even being mentioned by several food blogger who lived around this area and those who tried this as being one of the must try food when we visit Gyeongju, the taste is kind of disappointing me. It's not that it taste sooo bad. It's just it tastes so normal that it doesn't even worth to be name as one of the must try food in this area. I won't even want to come back to have a second taste in this restaurant.
Since the food I ate the whole day is quite disappointing, I decided to visit the night market!! It's not too big but they sell lots of food with lots of variety. Since I don't want to make any wrong decision, I only try those with long queue. =D
The first one I went for is the cart where they sell drinks, as well as philly steak. I ordered one and it taste quite yummy~! >.< Might as well come here for dinner rather than having crab tofu soup as my dinner.

And second and last thing I ate is this place which sells Octopus Satay. The guy promoted himself as the master of master of Octopus Satay. XD

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Gyeongju Travel (1) : Anapji & Kyochon Village

I went to visit Gyeongju for traveling by the end of last month. I've always wanted to visit Gyeongju since this place still has lots of ancient treasure which is being left behind by the Silla Dynasty. I reached this place around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, so before going to the tourist attraction places, I went to the nearest downtown to see what kind of downtown do Gyeongju has!
International Friendship Exhibition Center @ Gyeongju Downtown
I intentionally didn't eat any lunch so that we can try out Gyeongju's specials but I regretted my decision as soon as my stomach feel hungry. Gyeongju is definitely not a place for those who love culinary travel since there's not much nice food you can try in this area. After sometimes, I finally decided to try out one of the specialty (it's not exactly gyeongju's specialty but Busan's) food they have here which is Milmyeon.
Milmyeon @ Gyeongju
Then I went to Anapji, the nearest tourist attraction around my hotel, since it's getting late so it's a better idea to choose somewhere close rather than going to somewhere far away. Oh, the bus to Anapji area is quite easy to catch on, since there's lots of number of buses which go on to that route. But, one thing that I found out is that the bus fare in this small city is even more expensive compare to the fare in Seoul. >.<
Anapji Main Gate Area

Anapji Pond Area

Anapji Pond Area
To describe this place in a more bad-ass way, this place is the 'HOTTEST' night club during Silla Period. Here is where the crown prince and some aristocrats of corrupted Silla period love to get drunk, drowning animals, and having free s*x with some high class prostitutes. But of course, they're giving them a more beautiful name, trying to cover up for some black history they had in past, so the Koreans rename this as Donggung Palace (Crown Prince Palace) and Wolji Pond.

There are some exhibitions of ancient relics left since the Silla period, and then once you walked down the lane you will get to here... ^^

Main View for Anapji
Once you get into this place, the first thing come in mind will be, "What the hell?! There's nothing special about this place?" Reason is since Anapji is more popular for it's night view compare to day view, therefore, once you're here it is recommended to wait until 7 p.m. then the paranomic view of this place will getting better and better.

The above pictures are those taken around 7 p.m not long after the light was turn on, but if you're patient enough to wait for another 15 minutes and once the sky is getting darker, then you'll can have this amazing view just in front of your eyes~!!
Once you get out of Anapji and go across the street and to the left, walk for around 15 ~ 20 minutes then you'll get yourself at Kyochon Village. Though it is not recommended to walk at night, since the road leading to Kyochon Village itself is super dark and silent and you can't see anyone at all. No one would be able to find you if something bad happened around here. >.< Just across the Kyochon Village you will be able to see this bridge which should be one of the tourist attraction as well, but it is now closed for renovation so you'll only be able to see it from far far away.
In Kyochon Village, I found this cute little restaurant where it gives off an ancient style restaurant. Even the song being played inside is those from ancient time. This place is called Pung Rak, and I think the makkeoli here is so damn nice, though the food is just so-so. >.<

The makkeoli was really delicious though there's nothing special with the food. --.--"
the not so delicious kimchi pancake... >.<

the super delicious makkeoli
And the last stop for my destination of the day is Cheomsongdae which is also an ancient building during Silla Dynasty use to observe stars and sky. I would like to recommend all of you to come to this place twice, reason is the morning view and the night view gives off a really different vibe. In the morning, you can see colorful flowers (of course this only happen if you come during Spring) while at night, the cheomsongdae looks more beautiful rather than looking at it during the day.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy Chappy Semiyak Bali~

Still rambling on a late post on my last vacation to Bali~ ^^ One of the restaurant I got to try around is a restaurant owned by Happy Salma's husband which is known as Happy Chappy, located in the center of Seminyak area. The decoration was super unique, and it makes you feel like having a meal in a high class restaurant in a ancient China period. =) 
As soon as we get into the restaurant, there is this Buddha statue, which symbolize happiness and prosperity, welcoming us. And the rest of the restaurant decoration is super oriental.

And they have a separated Bar corner in the end side of the restaurant which has a slightly longer business hour time compare to the restaurant. Restaurant closed at around 11~11 30 pm, while the Bar section closed at around 1 ~ 2 am.
In this restaurant which gives off oriental vibe, of course they would sell Chinese dishes. The first thing to order is the very basic kind but delicious dimsum menu, which is Siomay and Hakaw. I never been able to have a decent dimsum in Korea, so the dimsum here taste super nice for my taste bud since it's been a long time to have some decent Chinese stuff.

Up next is xiao long bao~!! Which filled with crab and pork meat (if I remember correctly) lolz~ and the color of the skin is red. Although I still think that the xiao long bao I had in Singapore years ago in Tanjong Pagar Area is the best one I've ever eat, but this one is not bad as well. =D

We also ordered the pork belly and chili crab, and also the steamed mantou which taste marvelous together with the chili crab sauce. =)

Since we've eaten a lot during the day time, we were actually planning to let go of the dessert menu, but still...!!! We cannot resist this 2 kind of dessert just by looking at the menu's name. The first one is the banana roll, while the other one is the apple nutella~! 

@ Seoucial / Inggrid Ng