Monday, February 22, 2016

[Korean Movie] The Violent Prosecutor, 2016

I planned to watch this movie on its premiere but since I've to leave for Indonesia on the same day, I didn't get to watch it until last week. LOLZ~! This movie is starred by my bias, Kang Dong Won and Hwang Jung Min, whose almost every movies get into the box office list. It's a crime-comedy movie, which is not boring to watch, instead they packed this 2 hour something movie into a whole interesting, funny yet exciting to watch.
Hwang Jung Min played as a prosecutor who is being framed by his superior as he refused to follow his superior's order to look over a construction case. He then was being jailed for 15 years. At first it's kind of hard to adapt with life in prison, but after helping several officers with law problems, he lives a quite comfortable life afterwards.

5 years later, Kang Dong Won, a con artist, is being captured and eventually meet Hwang Jung Min in prison. Eventually Hwang Jung Min helps Kang Dong Won to get away out of the jail while Kang Dong Won promised to help him get revenge on the bad guy.
There are a lot of Korean veteran stars....

There is this Kang Dong Won and Hwang Jung Min's great on screen chemistry...
There is Kang Dong Won's Bombastick dance...
And there's still a long list reason of why you should watch this movie~ LOLZ~! 

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