Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spending Chinese New Year in Indonesia~ Imlek di Indonesia~

I went back to my home country 3 weeks ago and it has been a fun vacation with of course a hectic schedule. I went back on 3rd February but was busy with this and that before I can finally feel it was a vacation on the night before the Chinese New Year where we normally had a family gathering for dinner.
Just like usual, we have a steamboat party with lots of side dish like bamboo stem, pig intestine, fish maw, sea cucumber, and many more~ Too bad that we don't get to eat our mom homemade dumplings, since it really the most delicious dumpling I've ever eaten~ lolz~ I think it will sold out really good if only our mom have her own dumpling house =D
Though we don't have our homemade dumplings, our dad make a seafood ball made out of shrimp and fish. =D After finishing our dinner, we were playing upstairs while waiting for midnight to pray.
Introducing you to our youngest sister who enjoy drawing manga art in her free time~~ She also own an account in Instagram where you get to follow updates on her artwork, which is @parfait_hero ~ Please follow and support her~ <3
And our soon-to-be-married second sister whose nickname is mawar VIII lolz~ =P On the very day of Chinese New Year we went to Lembang, which located slightly above Bandung for a family gathering with relatives from our mom side. There are quite a number family staying together in a 3-storey-villa~
The Villa has 4 super large room, so there is enough space for few families to live in, there's also a super comfortable lounge room where you can do Karaoke and play Billiard in the basement floor, which too bad I don't take any picture of it~
Though I get to take the picture of the 1st level TV room in the picture above...
And then the kitchen where we stored our snacks and fruits~ lolz
There's also another kitchen where we use to cook and do BBQ on the basement floor, just next to the Karaoke and Dining Room. =D While adults (well, I'm an old adult too now hahaha) are cooking, we children are busy taking photos...

We don't get to go around much because everyone was busy enjoying the super comfortable villa here. Some keep playing the billiard the whole day o_O" while others keep singing in the Karaoke room, while I was busy finishing the novel which my sister lent me. Unlike Jakarta, the weather here is quite refreshing and cool, though it's not cold enough for me, since I just got back from Korea's winter weather. lolz

If you wonder what makes me and my BIG extended family can relax the whole day (we're there for 3 days~~) aside from the fresh clean air, of course it's this wonderful scenery we can get from our room balcony~~

It's been a fun Chinese New Year vacation for me and hope I could be back here again next year~~! How's yours? ^^