Thursday, March 17, 2016

Korean Beef Restaurant~~ 남고집

Located on the 2nd floor of the building near Seoul National University exit no. 2, this place sells decent Korean Beef at a reasonable price. The set menu range from KRW 39,000 and above. BUT, having Korean Beef for KRW 39,000 can be considered a reasonable and cheap price. =D

The place is quite simple, and not too big~ There's like 7~8 tables inside the restaurant, and 2 tables at the smoking area, so a total of 9~10 tables. They would first serve you water and various of salad after you order the menu.

And in the next minute, they will have this hot stuff serve above the table, which I think might be the reason why they grill some nice stuff. =D Super nice medium rare stuffs. LOLZ!!!
Yummy!! ^^ And then the next thing up is the set menu, which normally consists of 3 types of different beef parts. The one I ordered is the cheapest set they have at KRW 39,000 which I think decent enough for me to enjoy. It's fresh, it's soft and it's medium rare. LOLZ
Since the fire is strong enough, it doesn't take too long until you can enjoy these masterpieces. Oh, and dun worry about you'll over cook it, since the waiter here will help you with all the cooking. XD
And, to add more flavor and make it tastier, the waiter recommends to sprinkle some salt while they cook it for you. Because it's not just some other salt but a Himalayan salt which can help the meat to have a richer taste. =D

Location :

Seoul-si Gwanak-gu Nakseongdae-dong 856-5 2nd Floor
서울시 관악구 낙성대동 856-5 2층
Call : +8210-6491-5432
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