Thursday, March 24, 2016

Zygoma Reduction by Korean Doctor~ (2)

The second type of most common zygoma reduction step by Korean Doctor is reducing the front part of the zygoma bone, or we call it the body of zygoma. Of course the first most important step would be make the incision inside your mouth.
And then making ways so that the Korean Doctor can see what's inside clearly...
Designing and marking the bone inside~~
Then by following the marking, then the doctor will go on with the shaving and cutting part~
And then taking out the zygoma bone which has been cut!
Last step, do the screwing and fixing of the bone part so that it won't move during recovery.
Then the finishing part would be closing the wound and doing the stitching after that =D
Sounds simple right? But believe me when you're inside of the operating room and see the whole thing. This procedure can go on and on like forever. LOLZ! The surgery itself it's not some bloody procedure itself, but it really needs lots of concentration and it really hard on the doctor and nurses since they have to stand during the entire procedure. >.<

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  1. wow it''s awesome huhh. i really want to visit korea

    1. you shud come visit ^^ it's interesting here =D