Monday, April 25, 2016

Bali The Mulia, Mulia Resort & The Villa~

Thanks to someone, I got a chance to try out this wonderful resort in Bali by Mulia Group which been categorized into one of the top hotels and resort in the world. XD I stayed one night in Mulia Resort and other 2 nights in The Mulia.
I arrived late on the first night but was absolutely amused by the friendliness of the staffs in the reception as well as the bellboy who show me the way to my room. It's like 2 30 a.m. in the dawn (?) but once I saw my room it was like WOW! because it's super comfortable. =D

After taking a super fast shower, it's finally past 3 a.m., so once I jumped onto the bed. I fall asleep within few seconds. >.< The breakfast you can enjoy in Mulia Resort is a buffet style where you get to eat various type of sashimi, asian food, curry, etc. The next day, I moved to the Mulia which is a grade higher than Bali Mulia Resort. =)
The layout of the room is quite the same, it just that the size of the room is larger and it's more quiet, since they only have 100 rooms in The Mulia. And in the restaurant where you can have your breakfast, there is this wonderful few of the swimming pool and beach. XD
Who can resist waking up and having breakfast with this beautiful and breath taking scenery. >.< I won't even get bored even if I had to see the same thing everyday. And in The Mulia, you can enjoy the breakfast in ala carte menu, and one of the menu that I've tried is this crab cake (which they said is one of the signature dish of the Mulia) and foie gras with medium rare steak. You won't be able to hold back you saliva just by listening to the name of the menu right? LOLZ
foei gras with steak in medium rare

crab cake (?)
And another wonderful thing about the Mulia Bali is that they provide you a free tea time service, where you can choose either having it in Indonesian style or in a Western style. I choose a Western style since the cake menu looks more attractive to me.

It has been a short but fabulous time I'm having in Bali. Not only because of the delicious food and wonderful place I got to stay during the trip, but it's been enjoyable since I went with a bunch of wonderful people as well during this trip. >.< If only I can stay slightly a little bit longer then it will be good. T-T Last but not least 1 last picture of this wonderful scenery during sunset before I'm leaving for Korea. LOLZ

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Yangpyeong Travel The Greem Cafe

It's been like 2 weeks since I went to this place. But, I didn't get time to post it until today. >.< It's not like I'm very busy, but it's just feel like I've so little time but so many things to do m.m" Well, anyway, going back to the topic...
I've get to know this cafe through naver, it seems like this place is quite popular during spring. And, not only it is full of customer, we found out that this place is quite a famous site for drama, CF and movie shooting. o_O" If you're a Korean Drama fan then you might be familiar with this place as this place has been featured in Nice Guy (Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won), Rooftop Prince (Micky Yoo Cheon and Han Ji Min) and many more...
I started my day with Starbucks' Cherry Blossom White Chocolate, while waiting for my friend to meet me up at the nearest exit, since I woke up early and reach quite early than the appointment time. So I decided to enjoy my early morning time before headed to Yangpyeong. It takes around 2 hours before we reach Yangpyeong station, having lunch at 5 Chef restaurant.
Once you reach the station you will have to transfer to bus, then stop at the 7th stop then you will have to walk for like 7~9 minutes. Greem Cafe located in a quite quiet place but with a beautiful spring scenery along the road. =D

Me and my friend decided to walk slowly, enjoying the scenery, while taking pictures here and there. Since the small road is super beautiful, you won't really feel the place is too far away, but is super near instead.
Once you see this place meaning you've reached your destination~!! There will be a small bridge on the right side, so that you can cross the little stream. There's an entrance fee which cost KRW 7,000 each person. But the manager of the place who seated in the ticket office give us a KRW 2,000 each since we are a foreigner who can speak Korean well. LOLZ!! I didn't see that coming so basically I feel very happy with the discount.
The entrance ticket looks like this since we can exchange it into beverages or ice cream of our choice. And the beverages and ice cream menu which they serve is all written here. ^^
The place is not too big but there's lots of corner where they put cute accessories and you can take pictures as many as you'd like to. So if you're a selfie mania, this place might suits you best. ^^

Rather than teenager and young adults, most of the visitors are in their mid 40s. Well, since this is a very good place to have a small talk, enjoying the scenery with your friends.

There's also these kinds of cute little statue all around the places, and it can't stop me from taking photos with them. LOLZ.

After taking pictures near the cafe building, in the right corner of the back yard you will find this small building where actually will be a perfect place for couples to take pictures since they have lots of accessories like big diamond ring, wedding dress, wedding veil, and many more.

Getting out of the building, there another small "hand made" stream where they decorated with cute chairs and tables, little statues...

And there's also this place where normally Korean used to keep their cooking sauces in a traditional way. =D
After looking around and taking tons of photos, me and my friend finally decided  to stop and get some rests in this tiny cafe before we head back to Seoul. There's a lot posting in internet which says that the beverage and cake of this cafe taste bad, but we thought other wise. We ordered a jujube honey tea (well, there's room for improvement but the taste is definitely not bad. it's more to average), then we ordered the banana cake and they give us a free little muffin which both taste good~!

Overall the visit to The Greem Cafe was fun. I'm slightly a little disappointed to find out that the place is not as big as I've imagined, but since they make it possible to take tons of photos inside the Greem Cafe, so it's okay. And I didn't really expect the cake and drinks would be good but it's really nice. And, normally when we travel to place which full with locals, they don't really treat us that well, but this place is different. LOLZ. We get discounts, we get a little services here and there, and the staffs (after they found out we're foreigners) greeted us friendly here and there. =D So it was not a bad visit, though I won't thought of going back for another visit, since it's far away, and The Greem Cafe is definitely a "one visit is enough" place.

And for KPOP lovers, you might want to visit this place during may, since the manager told us that they'll have a hectic schedule for MV shooting in May 2016. ^^

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Yangpyeong's 5 Chef Restaurant~

I went to Yangpyeong this Friday <3 <3 <3 and feel super hungry, so we decided to stop by at the nearest restaurant before we went to our destination. After searching for some information on any nice restaurant around, we found this "5 Chef Restaurant" (read : O Chef Restaurant) located just across the Yangpyeong Station exit no. 1. =D
The interior is quite cozy, where you can have a private comfortable sofa seat, or a comfy window seat.
This kind of place might be full of customer if the restaurant located in Seoul, but too bad that this restaurant located in Yangpyeong. And I bet, me and my HK friend might be their first customer of the day which come by for lunch, since there's no one when we get inside the restaurant.
We choose to sit somewhere near the salad bar and counter, so that we can easily be spotted just in case we need everything. Next the self service bar, there is a salad bar (read : all you can eat bar) right next to it. BUT, beware that this salad bar is not for 'FREE'. You'll have to pay an additional of KRW 3,700 per person after you order a main menu. But since the salad bar menu is not that much of a variety, it might be such a waste of money to order an additional of salad bar.

We ordered a chop steak and mozarella cheese pizza for our lunch menu, and after a not so long waiting, they finally out and ready to be served in front of us. TADA~!
To our surprise, the chop steak taste extra ordinary, it really delicious. With a mix taste of american style and oriental sauce, PLUS the meat is soft enough to chew and it melt down the moment you put it in your mouth. XD
Next is the mozzarella cheese pizza which I regretted to have ever ordered this menu. The tomato sauce should be slightly a little bit sweet, and it just taste so-so. It didn't taste super badddd but it didn't taste good as well. >.<

It's a very pleasant lunch since both of us come with an empty stomach and feel super hungry. There's not that much of restaurants nearby which can be considered as options, but overall this place was quite okay for me. ^^

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