Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Sinsa Garosoo Street~~

Since I left early today, I walked up to Sinsa-dong Garosoo Street for a quick sight seeing before going home. =D Garosoo Street is one of the famous road in Seoul, not only to foreigners, but to locals as well. It's located near the "plastic surgery district" which attracts a lot of foreigners who just had their plastic surgery to shop around here~ So don't be surprised if you can see some people who wears tape / bandage all over their face.
Not only does this place offer you cute looking shop, there's also this place where I often go for a economics pasta time. LOLZ~!
There's also lots of cute cafes around here, where you won't be able to resist to stop your footsteps and get inside the cafe to try out any kind of menu they have inside. XD

There's also shop where you can shop for your clothes. You can choose from brand clothing...

To roadside boutique which also sells good quality stuff with a quite handsome price~ Though it's really worth to take a look, just in case you find something you like inside the shop. =)

Aside from apparel shopping, what we all need next is make up shop~ Most of the make up store around here has a very unique design, for example you won't be able to see skin food store as cute as this one aside from Sinsa-dong.
And there's also this YG's make up store, which started at Lotte Young Plaza in Myeongdong area, called moonshot. They have some good stuffs inside here, so you might want to get inside to do some window shopping, then maybe you'll decide to buy something.
And sometimes (or should I say almost every time) during day light where the street is not so busy, you will able to see some people having a photo shoot session. Some for their own private thingies, some are fitting models, and some are just real professional stuffs.

And it's also only in Garosoo Street here where you can find this cute advertisement~!!!
It's definitely not an advertisement for LINE store around here, but it's an advertisement to attract people by some dental clinic around. WOW~! =D And, last but not least, there's this thing~!! My favorite bakery shop in Seoul~ =D

Tokyo Panya~! Most of the bread here is delicious, just don't try their Yakisoba Bread *cough* it tastes horrible. But their melon bun, and curry series bread is irresistible.

They put a little microwave in the center of their bakery shop so you will be able to re-heat your bread before take a bite of it. And they also can take order for party and catering, so if any one of you interested in organizing some event in Seoul, you might want to take this bakery as one of your option, since it tastes good and so is the price. ^^

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