Saturday, April 9, 2016

Yangpyeong's 5 Chef Restaurant~

I went to Yangpyeong this Friday <3 <3 <3 and feel super hungry, so we decided to stop by at the nearest restaurant before we went to our destination. After searching for some information on any nice restaurant around, we found this "5 Chef Restaurant" (read : O Chef Restaurant) located just across the Yangpyeong Station exit no. 1. =D
The interior is quite cozy, where you can have a private comfortable sofa seat, or a comfy window seat.
This kind of place might be full of customer if the restaurant located in Seoul, but too bad that this restaurant located in Yangpyeong. And I bet, me and my HK friend might be their first customer of the day which come by for lunch, since there's no one when we get inside the restaurant.
We choose to sit somewhere near the salad bar and counter, so that we can easily be spotted just in case we need everything. Next the self service bar, there is a salad bar (read : all you can eat bar) right next to it. BUT, beware that this salad bar is not for 'FREE'. You'll have to pay an additional of KRW 3,700 per person after you order a main menu. But since the salad bar menu is not that much of a variety, it might be such a waste of money to order an additional of salad bar.

We ordered a chop steak and mozarella cheese pizza for our lunch menu, and after a not so long waiting, they finally out and ready to be served in front of us. TADA~!
To our surprise, the chop steak taste extra ordinary, it really delicious. With a mix taste of american style and oriental sauce, PLUS the meat is soft enough to chew and it melt down the moment you put it in your mouth. XD
Next is the mozzarella cheese pizza which I regretted to have ever ordered this menu. The tomato sauce should be slightly a little bit sweet, and it just taste so-so. It didn't taste super badddd but it didn't taste good as well. >.<

It's a very pleasant lunch since both of us come with an empty stomach and feel super hungry. There's not that much of restaurants nearby which can be considered as options, but overall this place was quite okay for me. ^^

@ Seoucial / Inggrid Ng

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