Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy Chappy Semiyak Bali~

Still rambling on a late post on my last vacation to Bali~ ^^ One of the restaurant I got to try around is a restaurant owned by Happy Salma's husband which is known as Happy Chappy, located in the center of Seminyak area. The decoration was super unique, and it makes you feel like having a meal in a high class restaurant in a ancient China period. =) 
As soon as we get into the restaurant, there is this Buddha statue, which symbolize happiness and prosperity, welcoming us. And the rest of the restaurant decoration is super oriental.

And they have a separated Bar corner in the end side of the restaurant which has a slightly longer business hour time compare to the restaurant. Restaurant closed at around 11~11 30 pm, while the Bar section closed at around 1 ~ 2 am.
In this restaurant which gives off oriental vibe, of course they would sell Chinese dishes. The first thing to order is the very basic kind but delicious dimsum menu, which is Siomay and Hakaw. I never been able to have a decent dimsum in Korea, so the dimsum here taste super nice for my taste bud since it's been a long time to have some decent Chinese stuff.

Up next is xiao long bao~!! Which filled with crab and pork meat (if I remember correctly) lolz~ and the color of the skin is red. Although I still think that the xiao long bao I had in Singapore years ago in Tanjong Pagar Area is the best one I've ever eat, but this one is not bad as well. =D

We also ordered the pork belly and chili crab, and also the steamed mantou which taste marvelous together with the chili crab sauce. =)

Since we've eaten a lot during the day time, we were actually planning to let go of the dessert menu, but still...!!! We cannot resist this 2 kind of dessert just by looking at the menu's name. The first one is the banana roll, while the other one is the apple nutella~! 

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