Friday, May 13, 2016

Jamie Oliver Bali

Just in case you don't know who Jamie Oliver is, he is British celebrity chef who owns restaurants here and there, and one of them located in the paradise island of Indonesia, Bali. During my first visit to Bali few months back, I get a chance to eat in this famous chef's restaurant.

There few types of seats where you can choose to sit here. If you're okay with the hot weather of Bali and would love to enjoy the sun along with the mosquitoes then you might prefer to have an outdoor seats, there's a little bar seat on the first floor and you can have a normal table seat on the second floor. And since there's 5 of us, sitting on the second floor will be more convenient for us to have a little chat while enjoying the meal.
The price of the menus here is quite reasonable. And there's a kid menu as well, if you would like to order something for your little kid to eat, and the cutest part would be there's this badge where your kid can have if he / she is eating up all of her vegetables.
This time I ordered a glass of watermelon juice for my drinks. The watermelon and orange in Bali is super sweet and delicious. >.<
The first thing to come out is the side dish we ordered, which taste quite unique. The outside is a grilled bread and they got something like corn paste inside of the bread. Thing is the corn paste taste a little bit too flavorless for me, but when you dip the thing into the chili sauce it taste just nice. =)
Next is the mushroom pizza. At first I thought that since it is called 'mushroom' pizza, the 'mushroom' smell will be too strong so that it will smell slightly smelly ( I love mushrooms, but i HATE the smell the mushroom ). But, there's not even a little bit scent of the mushrooms topping. And it taste like 8.5 out of 10. LOLZ!
We ordered 2 types of pastas, cream pasta and the tomato pasta...

Both of them taste good, but I still prefer the crab cream pasta to shrimp tomato pasta. The crab cream pasta is a little bit spicy, so the cream didn't taste too creamy inside of your mouth. And there's like a whole bunch of crab meat and flesh in the pasta, which makes it taste a little bit sweet and rich in taste. The shrimp tomato pasta taste good as well, but it's just our ordinary tomato pasta where you can find almost everywhere. =)

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