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What to do in Kyoto? (2)

You might want to start the other day by traveling to Nijo Castle, which is a place for a Shogun lived during Edo period. It is the place where the first shogun of the period, Tokugawa Ieyasu lived. Here, not only you get to roam around the palace to see how the palace looks like, they even demonstrate various rooms to let you see what does a Shogun daily routine looks like. You can let your imagination flew back to the Edo period, imagining you were the one who visit the Shogun at that time. But too bad the rooms for demonstrating the daily routine cannot be photograph. T-T Aside from the building where Shogun's daily routine takes place, you also be able to walk around the garden, and some kind of square-shaped pool which surrounds the main building inside the castle. The weather was nice for a walk when I was there. And, you will be able to find some hidden tea house cafes around this garden area, as well as a rest area and toilet area. From here, you can take buses which will…

What to do in Kyoto ? (1)

Tokyo is just like any other big cities around the world, high skyscrapers building, crowded street, busy schedules, traffic here and there, but Kyoto give you a very different vibe. Where Tokyo people walks and moves very fast, Kyoto people tends to take it slow and seems more relaxed. If you plan to stay in Kyoto for a few days, I would recommend you to find some place around Kyoto JR Station area, since it will be the best choice to get to trains (though you won't use much train around Kyoto), buses, and food, because there's a lot of mall surrounding the station with a food court inside.

They have a high end brand shops, as well as cheap but pretty cloths stores underground as well. You can also rent a bicycle to move around if you don't feel like taking trains or buses as well, but only if you know your road well. When Tokyo is famous for its modern and metropolitan lifestyle, Kyoto is famous for its historical and traditional value. You can find lots of old historic…

Japan Travel : Must Know~!

So, I'd finally got a chance to go to Japan during last month vacation. My first time going to Japan and I decided to do a backpack traveling. With traveloka, agoda, air bnb and some other traveling mobile applications, I've got no problem at all in finding the tickets and making hotel reservations for my trip. But, then what I found most confusing is when I had to choose which transportation card should I get so that I can have the most economic and efficient way of traveling around the city. Backpacking is all about saving money, economic and efficient anyway right? LOLZ!
1. Making hotel reservation through AirBNB Things could be a little bit tricky here, some housing pictures might have been edited and you might come to disappointment when you look at the real thing. The only thing you'll have to take note here is that the standard of the room size could be very different for Japanese and us, Indonesian. =D So if you're traveling by 6 people (I traveled with my fam…

Journey to the West~

If you guys love to watch journey to the west, then you must be familiar with the most lovable character of the stories, which is Sun Wu Kong, the Monkey King. The next place we visit in Guizhou Province, to be exact located in Anshun, is Huangguoshu National Park. Okay, so what is the connection between the national park and the monkey king series?
Since in this national park, there's quite a few site attractions you can see, the first thing you'll get to visit is Luo Si Tan waterfall, which located in the national park. In the entrance to the first waterfall, you will be able to notice these statues.
Those are the main characters from Journey to The West~! You have Sun Wu Kong, Zhu Ba Jie, the Monk and Wu Jing. Well, the reason is to give a memorial statue, since it is said that they take a lot of scene in this area.
Especially, nearby the area above, which is also our first destination of the national park, the famous Luo Sitan Waterfall. ^^ Beside the waterfall, there'…

Zhijin Cave of Guizhou

If you went to Guiyang for sightseeing, then this destination must be one of the destination which is being included in your bucket list. Zhijin Cave has a quite enormous area, which is 307 square kilometers, though they made it quite convenient for you to walk around inside the cave. Once you get inside the cave, there's no turn around, since the exit is on the other side of the cave. It takes me around 1.5~2 hours to finish touring around this cave. And there's a lot of STAIRS. So if you have weak leg problems, or anything similar, I would recommend you not to visit here. Since there's no cable car or whatsoever, and you only can walk around with your own two feet. Since there's a long walk from the parking lot to the ticketing gate, and there's quite a little bit of walk from the ticketing gate to the cave area. Luckily, the weather is not too cold, neither too hot for a walk, so we have quite a really enjoyable walk around the area. =D If you'd like to get…

Qing Yan Old Town in Guiyang

Where have you all been for the year-end vacation? I went to Guizhou Province in ROC for vacation, and the only thing I got to say is that you might want to reconsider twice to visit this area if you're not a fan of walking and climbing mountains, since it takes a lot of walking and climbing activity. LOLZ
My journey starts once I reached Guangzhou, then rushing to Southern Guangzhou Station to hop into the bullet train which can run for 500km/hr at maximum, to go to Guizhou Province first destination, Guiyang city. Even though the country developed super fast throughout the year, but you gotta agree with me that they still got these undeveloped manner problem. They push you hard, they cut lines, they speak loud, and they don't apologize when they push you hard and hurt you, just like those Korean Ahjummas. >.< They told me that this bullet train station in Guiyang city has just being built up and operated since 2014, which means it just been a year or two for them to have…