Sunday, February 12, 2017

Journey to the West~

If you guys love to watch journey to the west, then you must be familiar with the most lovable character of the stories, which is Sun Wu Kong, the Monkey King. The next place we visit in Guizhou Province, to be exact located in Anshun, is Huangguoshu National Park. Okay, so what is the connection between the national park and the monkey king series?

Since in this national park, there's quite a few site attractions you can see, the first thing you'll get to visit is Luo Si Tan waterfall, which located in the national park. In the entrance to the first waterfall, you will be able to notice these statues.
Those are the main characters from Journey to The West~! You have Sun Wu Kong, Zhu Ba Jie, the Monk and Wu Jing. Well, the reason is to give a memorial statue, since it is said that they take a lot of scene in this area.
Especially, nearby the area above, which is also our first destination of the national park, the famous Luo Sitan Waterfall. ^^ Beside the waterfall, there's a little road which is named "Journey to the West" path, where they made every important scene statue in the area, so you can more or less get what "Journey to the West" story is about.
Next destination is the famous Aquatic Stone Forest, though this place doesn't have anything to do with "Journey to The West", the origin of this place is quite unique itself.
So it is said that a long, long time ago, this place is actually an ocean. A one big ocean itself, but one day the ocean dried up (the guide didn't tell us what the reason is so I dunno as well), and what's left are these gigantic stones, forming like a forest stone. So, every single stone you see here is those can be found deep down the ocean.
Another cute thing about this place is that they have dates on their stone. So you basically just need to follow the stone dated 1st January up to 31st December to get out of the place. And in the end of the place you'll get to see the house below, which is said another shooting place of Journey to the West, which shoot the scene of the Zhu Ba Jie trying to marry some girl here.
Once you walk past down the stream and taking another bus (the bus which takes you from one attraction place to another attraction place in the national park) to the next destination. You'll get to see the main attraction of this national park.
So as to why this last attraction site has a direct connection with the monkey king character is because if you remember what the monkey king has always been saying about himself is, "I'm Sun Wu Kong, from Huaguo Mountain, Shuilian Cave!" And so here it is~! Where the monkey king lives~!
To get to this spot, you have two alternatives, whether to walk or to get down by a very long escalator. If you choose to take the escalator then you'll have to pay RMB 50 for a trip down, and another RMB 50 for a trip up, so it'll cost you RMB 100 in total. The most expensive escalator you'll get to take in the world (?).
What so special about this place is that behind the waterfall curtain, there's a cave, which is called Suilian Cave. You can get into the cave to see how it looks like inside, but it's said the place is super narrow and kind of slippery, so if you're not a fan of hiking or doing any outdoor activities, you might want to refrain yourself to go through the cave and just see it from faraway. It will take you around 30 minutes from this spot to the cave.
I don't get to see what's inside, but my dad went to take a look and he said that it's not that narrow and not that slippery as what has been told by the guide. And I kinda regret that I didn't go to see what's inside~ T-T

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Zhijin Cave of Guizhou

If you went to Guiyang for sightseeing, then this destination must be one of the destination which is being included in your bucket list. Zhijin Cave has a quite enormous area, which is 307 square kilometers, though they made it quite convenient for you to walk around inside the cave. Once you get inside the cave, there's no turn around, since the exit is on the other side of the cave. It takes me around 1.5~2 hours to finish touring around this cave. And there's a lot of STAIRS. So if you have weak leg problems, or anything similar, I would recommend you not to visit here. Since there's no cable car or whatsoever, and you only can walk around with your own two feet.
On our way to the cave
Since there's a long walk from the parking lot to the ticketing gate, and there's quite a little bit of walk from the ticketing gate to the cave area. Luckily, the weather is not too cold, neither too hot for a walk, so we have quite a really enjoyable walk around the area. =D
Waiting for our guide to buy tickets for us
If you'd like to get into the place, Zhijin cave management side will let one of their local guide to accompany us inside, to give us brief stories about the cave and guide us along the way through the exit. But too bad that the guide only talk in Chinese, so for you who don't understand Chinese, you might have some difficulties in knowing the story about the cave and everything inside.
When we went down the pave to the cave, there's lot of calligraphy writings alongside the stone walls by famous people, writing down about their feeling about the place. And I get to take pictures with one of the text, which means "World No. 1 Cave", which I think describe the place really well. ^^
Walking along the stairs inside the cave, you'll get to see lots of beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Though you will still need your imagination to see things around you. The picture above is one of the stalactites which looks like a Pipa (lute), which is one of the traditional Chinese instrument. Do you get to see it as well?
The guide said that these things will keep growing and keep making out various shapes. But, there are also some of the stone which has stop growing. To differentiate between the growing ones and the stop growing ones, are by touching the stone whether it still feel wet or not. If it still wet and you can feel the stone is slightly a little bit watery, meaning that the stone is still growing and might form into something different a few year later.
And this is the main attraction from this cave. Reason is this stone grow to be a lot like general helmet. It might look just so-so in the picture, but when you see it by yourself, it gives off a certain vibe which makes it look stunning. Ah, and at this spot, you'll get to take a free picture. Well, taking picture is free, but if you wanna get your photo from the exit door, then you will have to pay a certain amount of RMB.
Last but not least, on your way out of the cave (p.s. you will have to climb your way up to get out of the cave. Yes you don't see it wrong. CLIMB your way up), you will get to see these heavenly scenery from up above, therefore this spot is being called Southern Heaven Gate. The scenery from this spot is definitely, 100% breath taking. You won't believe how much beautiful the nature around you could be. =D
And with this, we end our trip to Zhijin Cave which located in Guizhou Province. I might not want to go back for the second time since it's quite tiring for me, walking on foot for 2 hours. But for you who'd love to try out new place for your holiday destination, then Guizhou might not be a bad idea as well. ^^

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Qing Yan Old Town in Guiyang

Where have you all been for the year-end vacation? I went to Guizhou Province in ROC for vacation, and the only thing I got to say is that you might want to reconsider twice to visit this area if you're not a fan of walking and climbing mountains, since it takes a lot of walking and climbing activity. LOLZ

My journey starts once I reached Guangzhou, then rushing to Southern Guangzhou Station to hop into the bullet train which can run for 500km/hr at maximum, to go to Guizhou Province first destination, Guiyang city.
Southern Guangzhou Station
Even though the country developed super fast throughout the year, but you gotta agree with me that they still got these undeveloped manner problem. They push you hard, they cut lines, they speak loud, and they don't apologize when they push you hard and hurt you, just like those Korean Ahjummas. >.<
The 500km/hour bullet train
They told me that this bullet train station in Guiyang city has just being built up and operated since 2014, which means it just been a year or two for them to have this quite convenient transportation. Still, it takes you around 6 hour from Guangzhou to Guiyang. =D

The first tourist attraction I went to when I reached Guiyang is called Huaxi Wetland, but since there's nothing special about it, I decided to give it a pass and won't share anything about it in my blog. I'll just go through the second attraction I visited, Qing Yan Old Town.

If you've ever been to Bukchon village in Seoul, then this place would give you the same vibe as it. Qing Yan Old Town is a hundred-year-old Old Town, which is still being preserved by the government up to today so that we can see some unique stuff here and there. It is said that in this old town, people used to live harmoniously one another even though they hold different religion. They are 5 types of religion, which are Buddhist, Taoist, Confucius, Moslem and Catholic in this region before though after China turn to communist, the government ruined the religious building built in this town area.
600 year old house
This house was built at least 600 years ago, and I must say that it's still quite well preserved up to today. Though, we cannot get into the house to see what's inside since it's being locked from the outside.
Walking through the stone pave down the road, you'll see more old houses, and some of them has an unlocked door, where they put some accessories to make it seems like some one is still occupying the houses. And you'll also get to see unused Buddhist and Taoist temple which is now being used as a place for the citizens to gather.
What's inside the old house?

One of the temple which is still preserved up to today
And even the restaurant around this area is still being designed just like how you see it in those ancient Chinese drama, wonder are they those people who come here wearing ancient clothing to eat and wonder around the area just like how Korean love to wear Hanbok and wonders around Bukchon area. LOLZ
The restaurant >.<
 And since we're in China, say hello to piggies~! ^^
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